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Vallarta Community Stands with Love in Adversity

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March 23, 2020

What makes Puerto Vallarta such a special place is that the community is full of caring friends and neighbors who believe in the power of love and are happy to help each other in times of adversity.
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Timothy Real Estate Group wants our staff, friends and clients to know that Puerto Vallarta has been through hurricanes, torrential storms, and even a little flooding with no problem. We made it through the global economic downturn in 2008, and we will make it through this strenuous period as well.

How do we know this?

Because Puerto Vallarta is full of residents who love their home, both the locals and the people from all over the world who have moved to this beautiful town after falling in love with it. Vallarta's beauty, great weather, wonderful culture, and friends from all nations make it a beautiful place to call home, and the heart of this destination is now, and will always be, the people who love this place. And we know and believe in the power of love in the face of adversity.

For myself, I moved to Puerto Vallarta because I fell in love with the residents, and because I have always dreamed of living near the ocean. When I moved from Los Angeles, I comforted myself by saying "If I don't like it, I can always move back."

I had a private office in Beverly Hills with a wonderful realty company that had been holding my office for me for a year. One day they called to see if I was coming back to work. That was a pivotal moment for me because I had no hesitation in responding: No. I have never regretted that decision for a moment and I am more committed than ever to helping my adopted community.

It is comforting that our community is full of giving and caring residents. We know that many of our friends and neighbors may be having a difficult time right now and we want to help. Many of the local businesses may be starting to suffer and we want to make sure our senior friends and neighbors are OK. We will happily help with the pickup of medications, take you to the grocery store, help with errands and more.

What really makes Puerto Vallarta beautiful is the people. Sure, we are surrounded with the blue Pacific Ocean, green Sierra Madre mountains and breathtaking Sunsets, but the most beautiful thing about the Bay of Banderas are our friends and neighbors.

Though our offices are closed for the time being, we are here when you need us, and we are easy to find, just pick your favorite mode:

U.S. phone: 310-356-6514
Mexico phone: 52-322-223-5300
Email: inspired(at)

The number one selling and listing agency in the greater Bay of Banderas region since 2011, Timothy Real Estate Group is a locally-owned and operated real estate brokerage with a strategic location in the city's Romantic Zone. Because the Puerto Vallarta area has varying neighborhood personalities, we practice localized real estate and, with 5 sales offices around the bay, we know our communities well. If you are looking to sell or purchase a property in the Banderas Bay area, please contact one of the Timothy Real Estate Group agents for the best experience in Puerto Vallarta real estate. For more information, visit

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