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Puerto Vallarta Invests 5 Million Pesos in Sports Stadium

October 12, 2020
With an investment of more than 5 million pesos, improvements are being made to the track, as well as the raquetball, basketball and volleyball courts at Agustín Flores Contreras Municipal Sports Stadium.
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - The municipal government, led by Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peńa, continues to bet heavily on sports by making the largest investment in the history of Puerto Vallarta to the city's sports infrastructure.

With an investment of more than 5 million pesos, three important works are currently being carried out at the Agustín Flores Contreras Municipal Sports Stadium - the maintenance of the track, the first stage of rehabilitation of the racquetball courts, and roofing the outdoor basketball courts - so that Vallartans can enjoy decent and safe facilities.

During a supervisionary tour, Mayor Dávalos, accompanied by the directors of the Municipal Sports Council (Comude), José Amador Hernández Madrigal, and of Public Works, Juan Arias Chávez, inspected the works-in-progress, and shared the details of these projects with some athletes, since it will be them, through a social committee, who will be taking care of the proper development of these works.

Regarding the maintenance of the tartan track, the patching work has already been done, and the recoating the track will be the next step. Once that job has been completed, the track will be painted in accordance with the new athletic regulatory measures.

The mayor pointed out that this maintenance must be carried out at least every two years to keep the track in optimal condition for the athletes and citizens who use it all the time. "If we don't want it to fall into disrepair as it did many years ago, it has to be given constant maintenance," he said.

Later, Dávalos Peńa toured the outdoor basketball courts, where the foundations of what will be the roof over the first of these spaces are already being laid. "What we want to do is roof all of the outdoor basketball and volleyball courts, so that even in the rainy season or when there is a lot of sun, people can still get some exercise by playing sports on these courts." He added that work on this project will be carried out in stages.

Restoration of the racquetball courts, which had not received maintenance for many years, also began last week. The first stage of this renovation project was developed in consensus with world champions Lupita Hernández and Jimena Plácito, along with local athletes, to ensure it will meet the needs of all who make use of this infrastructure.

The Mayor said that these works are part of the municipal government's plan to improve the city's sports infrastructure for the enjoyment of Puerto Vallarta residents and tourists. In addition to rejuvenating the municipal stadium, restorations will be carried out in other recreational spaces in the municipality, such as in the Aramara neighborhood and the Alfonso Díaz Santos sports unit, where field number one and the athletics track will be rehabilitated.

Puerto Vallarta municipal government news bulletin translated and edited by Diego Sancho for