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Amy Armstrong and Fernando Gonzalez at Nacho Daddy

October 21, 2020

Tickets cost just $250 pesos per person, but seating is limited, so contact Nacho Daddy owner/managing partner, Tammy Carruthers Prust, at tammy(at), or 322-688-5566, to reserve your spot.
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Last week, we reported on the Friday night live and live stream performances by PV's 'Duo Dorado,' Amy Armstrong and Fernando Gonzalez, at Nacho Daddy. Puerto Vallarta entertainment writer Gary R. Beck, who attended their October 16 performance, gives us the scoop.

For several weeks now, Amy and Fernando have been offering a live on-stage performance at Nacho Daddy every Friday at 7 pm. A live stream is running at the same time on Nacho Daddy's Facebook page. Tonight, there were only ten in the safely-distanced and masked venue but the live stream hovered around 100. Many made comments to her which only she could see but would laughingly chat with individuals.

Fernando Gonzalez operates and directs his band Piel Canela resulting in an abundance of energy and enthusiasm. Fernando is joined in a smaller version by Luis Rascón setting the high bar on his cello and bongos and "Pepe" José Galván on bass, one of the best in Puerto Vallarta. Amy laid claim that the illustrious Luis plays 113 different musical instruments. His talent is abundant.

She broke into "For Once In My Life" as her first song, a Motown-written classic which was first a slow version done by many artists including a big hit by Tony Bennett. Amy gracefully slid over the melody in a slow and sexy manner. Then, the place started to rock, not only with our beloved Piel Canela and their strong Latin beat but also the movement of a woman obviously enjoying herself immensely to Stevie Wonder's up tempo version which made recording history.

As promised, new material will be cropping up in this songfest and Amy declared "I'm A Bad Guy" from Billie Eilish. Baaaaaad... Then Queen popped up with "Crazy Little Thing Called Love", with everyone swinging back and forth, remembering Freddie Mercury. Fernando introduced his mother and son, Mateo, in the audience to our pleasure. Previewing her upcoming Stevie Wonder show, she delivered "Superstition" causing the walls to sway and the ceiling bow down to her talented voice. The precursor of a super-fine show of Stevie's Motown music.

Wild rocker Chaka Khan, Rufus' Queen of Funk, was saluted for her "Ain't Nobody" from 1983 and still as hot as ever with Amy grabbing the strong declaration of love. Even some classic Country music was included drawn from George Jones' repertoire, a beauty [You're as smooth as] "Tennessee Whiskey".

Amy remarked several times during the evening that she is happiest when singing to people, whether within reach or via the Internet. The lady loves to perform and we all love to hear her since she gracefully glides over notes with a rich fullness arising from her vocal chords and lungs.

Easing into a great Adele song with a message for everyone around, "Remedy", Amy placed all of herself, all her soul and all her knowledge of the lyrics into this delivery, making it possibly the high point of this show.

Andra Day's inspirational song "Rise Up" applied to all of us suffering from a mental or physical malady in these times. Amy encouraged everyone within ear distance to rise up and conquer these bad forces. Then she turned to a man who must really have loved the birth of his little girl Aisha as he wrote and sang "Isn't She Lovely" [made from love]. Stevie shared this adoring love with millions of his fans. Fernando sang in his Spanish while Amy supplied English lyrics. We will be hearing more songs split by language throughout the upcoming season.

Shows have been shortened at Nacho Daddy to avoid guests from hanging out threatening the intense safety enforced by Tammy and Sean. Their guests are of utmost importance in addition to their performers, themselves and their families and friends. So the band and Amy joined to relate the odd story of happenings at the "Hotel California".

This show will continue for a few more weeks. It is a fun preview of her next two shows but also with a song list of chosen favorites. Starting in November, the group will be performing a Stevie Wonder Songbook. She noted that his music was very popular in Mexico, sung in Spanish. So expect some dual language work.

Their second show will be every Saturday and is called "Spanglish". Amy explained that so many songs were enormous hits in the USA and CAN. not knowing that in Latin America, especially Mexico, groups recorded covers of his songs in Spanish and many of them soared up the charts becoming part of Latin musical history.

For more Puerto Vallarta show reviews, and information about live entertainment performances in the greater Banderas Bay area, join Gary's More of Beck's Best: Theater, Cabaret and More! Facebook group.

In October, Nacho Daddy's operating hours are from Thursday-Tuesday from 11:00 am to 11ish pm. Come enjoy lunch, dinner, live music and lots of fun at this popular south side hangout that's located at Basilio Badillo #287, only two blocks off the beach, in the heart of Puerto Vallarta's Romantic Zone. Credit cards accepted. For more information, visit or become a fan on their Facebook Page for promotions, daily specials and more.