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Three Popular Puerto Vallarta Walking Tours Resume

November 23, 2020
Experienced guides explain the colorful history, architecture, ecology, and daily activities of local neighborhoods while introducing shop owners and their many services. Visit for tour details and photos.
Puerto Vallarta Walking Tours owner, operator and tour guide, Sandra Cesca, recently announced that three of her most popular walks have resumed, with your safety in mind. These private tours allow small groups to learn more about this fascinating town and the Mexican culture.

If you are traveling to Vallarta, or have been here for a while and feel the call to walk, come join me for a walking tour to enjoy the culture and history this city has to offer. I am COVID-19 compliant. Masks required. Four or less people per walk. And of course, we are outdoors most of the time only entering stops where safe.

Only three walking tours are available for now: Historic El Centro, Gringo Gulch, and Emiliano Zapata Neighborhood. All three are different.

Historic El Centro: this is my most popular walk. If you have taken this walk before, come again. I have revised the route adding several new locations including a new Mexican wine shop, Oaxacan rugs, and a chocolate production kitchen.

Gringo Gulch: see colonial architectural homes and villas including those of actors Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Learn how the movie “Night of the Iguana” changed the destiny of Vallarta forever. Listen to the entertaining stories of famous people from the past who helped to settle this area. An enjoyable cobblestone walk with sweeping views of the ocean.

Emiliano Zapata Neighborhood: we head over the swinging Rio Cuale bridge through local cobblestone neighborhoods that are a mixture of old homes and new rentals. Stops include Vallarta’s largest central produce/fish market, renovated eclectic historic hotel, Banderas Bay’s largest ceramics factory where artists create tiles, sinks, vases, and more.

If you are interested in joining me, see details, colorful photos, and booking options on my website, For stories of many of the local people you will meet on our walk, go to: Contact me with questions: sandra.learn.vallarta(at)

Sandra Cesca has lived in Puerto Vallarta for 12 years. She is a cultural tour guide with her own small business: Puerto Vallarta Walking Tours. She is also a freelance writer and cultural photographer whose work can be found on Your Cultural Insider and Sandra Cesca Photography. Contact her: sun4sandra(at)

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