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Act2PV Entertaining Puerto Vallarta 7 Nights a Week

November 20, 2020
Act2PV is located in the Romantic Zone at the corner of Insurgentes and Basilio Badillo on the south side of Puerto Vallarta. For more information, call 322-222-1512, or visit Act2PV's website or Facebook page.
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Wow! What a week it has been at Act2PV, opening many wonderful shows, as well as celebrating the grand opening of the beautiful, open-air Starlight Cabaret! Act2PV, "The Best Performing Arts Venue in Banderas Bay," is also rated as #4 of the "Best Places in Puerto Vallarta" by TripAdvisor. Our beautiful 5-star venue truly brings you THE BEST OF THE BEST in its 2020/2021 season, presenting something for everyone!

If you are visiting Puerto Vallarta and are looking for something fun to do, please join us at Act2PV! We have lots of great shows opening almost every day this week, and our theaters are all following all the Covid protocols.

Today, Friday, November 20, our hit show, "The Best of Broadway," opens. This show was presented in 2019 and sold out every time it was performed! It is a delightful musical/dance revue of memorable show tunes, featuring songs and dances from your favorite Broadway musicals.

On Saturday, November 21, the hilarious Mama Tits returns with her show, "The Bi*ch is Back!" Mama's shows sold out every night of her 2019/2020 run, and she is thrilled to be back on stage again!

On Sunday, November 22, our hit show, "MJ LIVE," opens at 6:00 pm. This musical singing/dancing tribute to Michael Jackson is amazing, with its singing, dancing, light and sound effects.

Diana Villamonte, Puerto Vallarta's #1 songstress for the past 3 years, returns to the Act2PV stage on Monday, November 23, with her brand new show, "Diana Sings Ross," featuring the songs of the unforgettable Diana Ross.

Steven Retchless, the incredibly talented singer/dancer/actor and International Pole Dancing Champion, returns to Act2PV this season with his brand-new show, "Limitless," on Tuesday, November 24. This young man is not only drop-dead gorgeous, he is talented as well!

The long-awaited "Hello Barbra/Hello Bette" show opens on Wednesday, November 25, featuring an array of unforgettable songs from both Barbra Streisand and Bette Midler.

And finally, our Linda Ronstadt show, "In My Voice," opens on Friday, November 27, and features the music of the Legendary Linda Ronstadt. There will also be a live band featured at this show!

Tickets to all shows are available at


As the world navigates its way through finding a new normal, please understand that Act2PV is very serious about protecting our clients, our staff, and our entertainers. In addition to observing all government requirements (mandatory masks, hand sanitizers, feet sanitizers, temperatures taken, etc), Act2PV has implemented extra safety measures in our Main Stage theater, including ozone purifiers, ozone disinfectors, air purifiers and heppa filters. We will also be operating at reduced capacity, with some seats blocked off in order to follow governmental social distancing requirements.

A Note from Act2PV Founding Partner, Danny Mininni:

Hi Everybody,
I am on Cloud 9! Live Entertainment is Alive Again in Puerto Vallarta! Our opening night at Act2PV was sold-out and the audience loved it! And the verdict is in... our brand-new, open-air Starlight Cabaret is a HIT! We did finally get our permit for the awning that we were waiting for, and we were able to get everything done for our opening night show. Now, everyone has been telling me how wonderful it is to be able to enjoy entertainment again in a SAFE place and I am thrilled that we could pull it all together in time to make it happen. Whew!

Speaking of "pulling it all together," I would like to take a moment to thank my wonderful staff for all the hard work and dedication they put into getting everything done for our Covid certifications, as well as our grand opening. Oscar Adrian Cisneros, Alfonso Lσpez, and I thank our team of Alex Camacho Ahumada, Joss Olmos, Madai Garcia, Kato Espinosa, Cesar Aboytez, Jorge Enriquez Martine, Christian Cisneros, Amir Ramirez, Efrain Arellano, Sιbastien Lepage, Lalas Heiquez, Fabiola Noemi Lopez, Javier Pilar, Omar Lucian Fernanda, Alex, Junior Aka Lupido, Oscar G. Yaρez, Orient Umbridge, Monica Elizabeth Franco Becerra, and Marsha Ward Ross. (I hope I didn't miss anybody.) I don't know what I have done to deserve such loyal, hardworking loving staff members, and that's not even mentioning all the hardworking performers. YOU ALL ROCK!!

Since we are a unique business, the rules for Covid protocol had to be extreme. But, as a result of all their hard work, The City was super-impressed with all we have done to make sure that Act2PV safe for its patrons. They could not believe all the extras that we implemented. This is a huge win for us and I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart!

I would also like to thank our hardworking seamstress, Diana Temis, for creating the beautiful costumes for our Reflections show, and our hot, new choreographer, Edgar Roman, for all his hard work with the performers, too!

Everyone tells me that they loved my Eggplant Lasagna (and Marsha's cookies) at the grand opening. And the "Reflections" show was a huge hit! Daniela, Brenda and Faride, you were dynamite! Your audience loved you and so did I! It was such a treat to see so many old friends and meet new ones on that special night. I really hope that you will join us at some of our other new shows this week. This will definitely be a season to remember. We are so thankful for your support and look forward to welcoming you soon!
(Virtual) Hugs,
Danny Mininni


"OMG! I am still flying high. What an incredible night. The best thing to happen all year. Lord Danny Mininni you outdid yourself. Absolutely blown away by the new venue up on the "roof" being open air. All protocol in place with only tables for 4 and appropriately spaced.

Then there was the entertainment. This has got to be the best show so far that I can recall. Although I think I said that about Chorus Line!!! These ladies have powerful voices and harmonize so incredibly well. And the music selection...well only the best of Motown as far as I can tell. The costumes were also to die for and representative of the era. Then there was the routines...

Congrats to everyone involved and I wish you all the most success. You truly deserve it. All your hard work has really paid off. I encourage everyone to catch one of the many offerings this season. I feel so lucky to have been able to attend the opening (thank you Mike and Karen Erp) and also get a taste of other shows being available." ~ Janice Gonzalez

"This new venue is great! Please don't shut it down... EVER!" ~ Keith Vaughn

"Incredible Opening Night! Danny, Alfonso and Oscar, and the entire Act2PV staff, thank you for the incredible opening night party tonight! I haven't really been out since March and was apprehensive about what to expect, but I was actually impressed with the new outdoor space! It was so reassuring to see how seriously you have taken your responsibility to create a safe place for entertainment! Even in this new, open-air environment, everyone was wearing a mask (including the wait staff) when they were walking around, the tables were separated by more than 6 feet, and seating was limited to 2 or 4 people per table. Your Eggplant Parmesan dinner was to die for (and I don't even like eggplant)!

I loved the show, Reflections, too! The songs brought back so many memories! The performers were so talented and polished and their costumes were incredible! I felt like I was watching a Las Vegas show! I'm very happy that you have figured out a way to create a "new normal" for entertainment in Puerto Vallarta. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to our safety. I look forward to seeing lots more shows at Act2PV this season!
~ H.J. Ross

"It was such a great evening! I love the cabaret!" ~ Christine Conger


Fabulous Friday, November 20
6:00 pm – Opening Night: The Best of Broadway, a beautiful musical/dance revue of your favorite Broadway show tunes

Super Saturday, November 21
9:00 pm – Opening Night: Mama Tits, starring in The Bi*ch is Back!

Sunday Funday, November 22
6:00 pm - Opening Night: MJ LIVE, a musical singing/dancing tribute to Michael Jackson

Marvelous Monday, November 23
6:00 pm – Opening Night: Diana Sings Ross, a musical tribute to Diana Ross, featuring Vallarta's #1 songstress, Diana Villamonte

Terrific Tuesday, November 24
6:00 pm – Crooners, Marc Lopez sings Jersey Boys, Frankie Valli, Michael Buble & more
9:00 pm – Opening Night: Limitless, featuring singer/actor & International Champion Pole Dancer, Steven Retchless

Wonderful Wednesday, November 25
6:00 pm – Opening: Hello Barbra/Hello Bette the music of Barbra Streisand & Bette Midler
7:00 pm – Fleetwood Mac/Eagles, musical tribute featuring Us Two & their LIVE BAND

Thankful Thursday, November 26
Reflections, a tribute to The Supremes, Andrews Sisters, Pointer Sisters, Dreamgirls & more

Fabulous Friday, November 27
6:00 pm - Opening: Linda Ronstadt: In My Voice, tribute to Linda Ronstadt (Live Band)
7:00 pm – Best of Broadway, musical/dance revue of your favorite Broadway Show tunes

Super Saturday, November 28
6:00 pm – Opening Night: Legends, a tribute to the music of Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Nicks & Carole King (LIVE BAND)
9:00 pm – The Bi*ch is Back!

Sunday Funday, November 29
6:00 pm - MJ LIVE, a musical singing/dancing tribute to Michael Jackson
7:00 pm – Opening Night: ABBA/Elton John, featuring Us Two and their LIVE BAND!

Marvelous Monday, November 30
6:00 pm – Diana Sings Ross, a musical tribute to Diana Ross, featuring Diana Villamonte
9:00 pm – MAMA TITS, starring in The Bitch Is Back!

Please check out the many reviews for Act2PV shows on TripAdvisor, and Facebook, then go to for more show information, additional performance dates, and to purchase your tickets. You can also get tickets at the Act2PV Box Office, which is open daily from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Click HERE to read descriptions of all the shows playing at Act2PV this month. Because of the uncertainty of current Covid protocols, please check for any last-minute changes to the show schedule.


• Hedda Lettuce, featuring NYC Drag Queen
• Follies La Rouge
• Elvis, Young & Sexy
• Steve Grand
• Delighted Tobehere
• Creedence Clearwater Revival, a musical tribute
• Mamma Mia!

With shows every night, Act2PV has been voted the #1 Entertainment Venue in the Banderas Bay area. If you are looking for high-quality theatrical productions, internationally renowned musical cabaret, or drag shows, Act2PV continues to bring you the BEST OF THE BEST entertainment for the 2020/2021 season. This beautiful, 5-star venue truly has something for everyone to enjoy.

Act2PV's incredible entertainment, with its amazing sound and lighting systems, is on par with any theater in North America. Excellent live musical entertainment (with no cover) is also offered in the beautiful, fully-equipped Encore Bar, so come early and enjoy a drink before the show.

Tickets to all shows can be purchased online at, or at the box office, which is open daily from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

The Act2PV Entertainment complex is located on the corner of Insurgentes and Basilio Badillo on the South side of Puerto Vallarta. For more information, call (322) 222-1512, or follow Act II on Facebook. Click HERE to see what else is playing at Act2PV.