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Three Ways to Beat the Summer Heat in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – It’s hot, but more than that, it’s humid. Can you survive it though? That’s the question. We have spent many summers in Puerto Vallarta and lived to share the great memories. Some like it MUCH better in the summer months. There are no big crowds like you see December through April.

The Malecón is not a mob scene in the evenings and restaurants don’t have wait lines that crowd sidewalks. You can go to Joe Jack’s and get seated immediately rather than hanging out on the street warming your beer! We’ve got great suggestions for three things to do in July.

Get day passes to local resorts! There are many hotels and timeshares that encourage visitors. Tropicana, Los Arcos, Costa Sur, Marriott, Hyatt, Barcelo, Riu, just to name a few, offer day passes from $550 to $1500 pesos. Once you get settled in and order drinks and food at the pool, some will use that money as credit on your bill. It almost feels like getting drinks for free!

Go to the Malls! Galerías Vallarta is the big one, of course. You don’t have to buy; it’s fun to browse the stores in the cool air conditioned environment and discover the variety of goods to be had, right here in Puerto Vallarta! We are always pleasantly surprised. Several restaurants to choose from and views of the cruise ship terminal that make you feel like you’re docked in the marina on your own big ship. Chilly movie theaters with first-run films and amazingly comfortable chairs can complete your day. The popcorn’s great, too!

Leave! Take a day or overnight trip to the mountains and be surprised by the drop in temperature and humidity, just an hour’s drive away. There is so much to see in towns and settlements close to Puerto Vallarta.

Talpa, Mascota, San Sebastian, Las Palmas to the west are great stopovers, destinations on the way to Guadalajara, which is also a perfect place to visit in summertime. It will not be as void of tourists as Puerto Vallarta, but much less crowded than the winter months.

Be sure to drink lots of water in the heat and humidity in July and limit your sun exposure. Sun burn is brutal and can be dangerous. Be prepared for fabulous lightning shows when it rains, which usually occurs in the late afternoon. Don’t depend on flip-flops for footwear; if you need to walk in the rain socked streets, you will need something sturdier.

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