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Timothy Real Estate Group
Timothy Real Estate Group is one of the largest independent real estate brokerage firms in the Bay of Banderas, specializing in some of the finest properties available in Puerto Vallarta.

Timothy Real Estate Group – *An innovative company setting new standards in property sales and services has combined the most thoroughly professional and experienced talents to keep clients informed about the intricacies of Mexican real estate ownership, local real estate markets, local codes and regulations, financing, rentals and perhaps most importantly, sound analysis for every aspect of real property ownership.

Timothy Real Estate GroupIt takes more than facts to make the most of each client’s experience with Puerto Vallarta enjoyable and rewarding. It takes knowledge, chemistry, understanding, and accuracy. Timothy Real Estate Group is one of the largest independent real estate brokerage firms in the Bay of Banderas, specializing in some of the finest properties available in Puerto Vallarta.

Carl Timothy, president and founder of Timothy Real Estate Group, began his real estate career in Park City, Utah as a sales director for Sweetwater Realty. He then moved to Beverly Hills, California where he was in the top 5% of real estate sales agents with Prudential Realty in the United States.

Carl fell in love with Puerto Vallarta and moved his real estate career to Puerto Vallarta in 1999 and today Timothy Real Estate Group is one of the largest brokerage firms in Puerto Vallarta, exclusively representing some of the bay’s most prestigious new developments and special portfolio properties. Our dedicated and professional staff is supported by the highest standards of quality management, the best directed marketing and the most comprehensive advertising available.

The professional representation of your property is essential in achieving a most satisfying experience with Puerto Vallarta property ownership, and Timothy Real Estate Group offers the most qualified agents to help you understand and enjoy all the marvelous things it has to offer.

For more information, call (310) 356-6514 from the U.S., 52 (322) 223-5300 in Mexico, or visit TimothyRealEstateGroup.com.

Timothy Real Estate Group
Ignacio L. Vallarta 130 Local 7, Col. Emiliano Zapata
South Side, Puerto Vallarta
Tel: (322) 223-5300 – US: 1-310-356-6514
Email: inspired@timothyrealestategroup.com
Website: TimothyRealEstateGroup.com


We Love Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Puerto Vallarta

We love New Year's Eve in Puerto Vallarta. Everyone gets in on the act and the fun goes on all night long, with dancing in the streets and endless fireworks. The spirit of camaraderie begins at the unfolding of each New Year with ringing bells, raised glasses and voices, dancing and singing, and a pyrotechnical show that few can rival.

Hacienda Mango Penthouse Open House Friday, November 18

If you are looking to buy the home of your dreams in Puerto Vallarta, make plans now to attend the Hacienda Mango Penthouse Open House, hosted by Timothy Real Estate Group's Donna Lynn Davies, on Friday, November 18 from 11 am until 2 pm. This spacious 4 bedroom 4.5 bath, furnished penthouse offers plenty of room to spread out and relax.

Free Dream Retirement in Mexico Webinar, November 5 & 9

Dream of moving to Mexico? Get the inside scoop on what it takes, without mistakes, LIVE on YouTube. Join Timothy Real Estate Group’s Taniel Chemsian and healthcare consultant Pamela Thompson on November 5 & 9 to get all of your questions answered.

Huffington Post Ranks Vallarta in Top 5 Retirement Destinations

Puerto Vallarta could be called glamorous, but the cost of living and of buying real estate here aren't jet-set. This is one of Mexico’s most sophisticated resort spots, with more cachet than Mazatlán and more chic than Cancún. Walking around Puerto Vallarta, you get that happy, vacation-time feel that successful beach resorts exude.

10 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Property in Mexico

Buying real estate in Mexico is similar to buying in the US. But it’s not the same. There are some significant differences in the process. A few that might surprise you and others that could cause problems without the right team of people. These are the things you need to know before buying property in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta Side Trips: Discover San Blas, Nayarit

Three hours north of Puerto Vallarta lies San Blas, Nayarit. Besides being an under-the-radar, top-notch eco-tourism destination, San Blas was the epicenter of the Spanish empire on Mexico’s Pacific coast and holds a prominent place in both Mexican and U.S. history.

How to Prepare your Puerto Vallarta Property for Sale

Every seller wants his or her home to sell fast and bring top market value. With careful planning, and knowing how to prepare your home for sale, you can accomplish that goal. Here are a few suggestions that can help you turn your Puerto Vallarta home into an irresistible and marketable property.

‘Moving To Mexico – Cost of Living’ Online Chats Series

If you have thought about moving to Mexico, but don’t know what things really cost, then you won't want to miss Mexpat: Cost of Living in Mexico 2022. In this 6 part live online series expats and realtors from 6 different cities in Mexico share some valuable information.

Puerto Vallarta – The Sun and the Beach in Easy Reach

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) says there are 5 main factors Buyers consider when purchasing a second home/vacation home: #1 Location, #2 View, #3 Size, #4 Amenities and #5 Access. With direct flights from 39 cities in North America, 11 in Canada and 8 in Mexico, access to Puerto Vallarta has never been easier.

Identity, Community and Comfort, All Woven into a Blouse

When in Puerto Vallarta, try on a Huipil (pronounced “wee-pil”), a boxy blouse usually decorated with embroidery that's traditionally worn by indigenous women throughout Mexico, Central and South America. These loose, cotton garments make cool and colorful statement pieces in your casual, summer wardrobe.