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Mijo! Brands
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Carretera Barra de Navidad 479 • Alta Vista, Puerto Vallarta, 48380 • Telephone: (322) 223-2837
Email: info(at) • Website:

Mijo! Brands is a full service brand agency delivering strategy, brand identity design, advertising and web strategy. We work closely with our partners to identify the right positioning for their brand and create visual identities that resonate, creating positive associations and long-term loyalty amongst consumers.

We know brands can have a positive influence and change way we live. We believe in the power of collaboration, so we harness your knowledge, experience and insights to create, redesign, rethink or rebuild brands that are relevant and enduring.

Our work begins with your brand strategy, allowing the strategy to guide your business and not simply be another tool for selling. The brand represents your organizational philosophy, the products or services you sell, and speaks of your behavior and vision of the future.

Mijo! Brands works throughout the Americas and Europe, in 8 countries across multiple industries. While brand strategy and design are our focus, we have partners in every supporting industry and are continually adapting our repertoire of services to meet our clients' changing needs.


Brand Strategy
Market Research. Strategy Development. Positioning and Narrative. Tone of Voice, Key Messaging, Brand Portfolio Management.

Brand Identity
Naming, Logo, Visual Identity, Literature, Web Design, Promotions. Guidelines.

Advertising Communications. Web strategy. Web Programming. Literature Systems. Packaging. Retail Design.

Internal Branding
Guidelines. Knowledge Management and Innovation. Internal Communications. Brand Training. Culture Development. Guidelines.

To learn more about Mijo! Brands and our experience or review our case studies or articles by the Mijo! Team, please visit or write to info(at)

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Fusión de Sentidos: Fiesta Vallarta 2011
Daniel Gomez

Puerto Vallarta is set to make a big impact this December 31st with an unprecedented New Year's Eve celebration. Fiesta Vallarta 2011 is scheduled to take place at Los Arcos Amphitheater on the Malecón, featuring a roster of acclaimed local and international entertainment beginning at 7:00 pm.

Mijo! Brands Launches - An Innovative B2B Portal
Daniel Gomez

The fast approaching federal government legislation that all companies operating in Mexico must issue electronic or digital facturas by the end of the year has helped, the new Mexican business to business portal recently launched by Vallarta based Mijo! Brands, gain new momentum.

Vallarta is Alive with Color!

The CVB of Puerto Vallarta is betting on the Internet for 2011. The city's official website is being redesigned and developed by Mijo! Brands, incorporating elements of interaction, multimedia and social media in an impressive display of design, cutting edge programming and vibrant colors.

Mijo! Brands Announces the Launch of Timothy Real Estate Group in Vallarta
Daniel Gomez

Carl Timothy, co-founder of Timothy Fuller & Associates, stakes out his own direction in Vallarta's recovering real estate market with the recent launch of his new independent, full-service Puerto Vallarta real estate sales, rentals, and development agency, Timothy Real Estate Group.

Dr. Leslie Korn Returns to Puerto Vallarta with Fulbright Award
Daniel Gomez

Dr. Leslie Korn, a frequent resident in the region for more than 35 years, has been researching the traditional medicines and foods of Cabo Corrientes since 1974. This year, she has returned to Puerto Vallarta having been awarded the prestigious Fulbright award from the US and Mexican Governments.

BanderasNews Turns to Mijo! to Rebrand in 2010
Daniel Gomez has teamed up with Mijo! Brands to redevelop the news and entertainment website. Launched in 2001 as a community-based website with a weekly print publication, BanderasNews has become the leading portal for visitors to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico's 2nd largest tourist destination.

Mijo! Brands Launches Beach Concierge
Daniel Gomez

Mijo! Brands has launched Beach Concierge in Puerto Vallarta. The full service, private, concierge-services company is dedicated to providing its local and visiting clients with a full roster of services focused on making life luxuriously simple.

Interpreted Languages
Irvin Rangel

No one can refute the importance of websites. Companies large and small are rushing to create and sustain a web presence at any cost. Yet the difference between programming languages remains baffling to most.

Mijo! Brands Celebrates 2 Years in Mexico
Daniel Gomez

It has been a busy 2 years since Mijo! Brand Strategy and Design uprooted from London, England seeking sunnier shores and relocated to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. To celebrate our two years in Mexico, we launched our new brand strategy and identity,, in late October.

The Challenge of Web Compatibility
Ramón Lopéz

Due to the launch of smart phones like Apple's iPhone and the various Blackberry models, it's easier than ever for consumers to access the Internet. All of this serves to broaden the online sale of products, but the lack of a coherent web strategy may render this access obsolete.

Five Tips for Surviving a Recession
Daniel Gomez

Downturns cause panic amongst everyone. It is a knee-jerk reaction to throw the baby out with the bath water. While your business may be suffering, it is not the only one. Mijo! Brands offers some advice on how to survive this longer than expected economic turmoil.

Know Yourself, Know Your Brand
Daniel Gomez

The current economic crisis is causing havoc not only for Vallarta businesses but for consumers as well. Some long established brands that were once considered unshakeable pillars of capitalism are now hardly recognizable.

Mijo! Brands Get Personal with Maven Partners
Daniel Gomez

Launching a recruitment services company while the world economy continues to free-fall is either a sign of genius or idiocy. In the case of Maven Partners, it is genius. Maven Partners launches officially this week in the UK, offering specialist finance and taxation recruitment services.

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