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Vallarta Tours & Activities 

Learn Vallarta through Cultural Experiences

Experienced guides explain the colorful history, architecture, ecology, and daily activities of local neighborhoods while introducing shop owners and their many services. Visit for tour details and photos.

The Mexican culture as reflected in the very popular vacation destination of Puerto Vallarta can be experienced best by taking a walking tour. Puerto Vallarta Walking Tours offers eight such walks. Their aim is to immerse you in the local culture for a couple of hours so you feel more comfortable being here as you explore on your own.

An experienced guide will take you to different neighborhoods where you may see examples of Spanish Colonial architecture, hear the history of how Vallarta came to be, meet and talk to local artisans and vendors, taste a fresh hot tortilla while strolling an open market, or even make chocolate based on an ancient Mayan recipe.

Have more time? Visit a pre-Hispanic rural pueblo, a cowboy town, or snorkel and hike as you spend a day away on the water.

Visit to see all tour details and photos. Most walks are flat. A couple are not suitable for people with mobility challenges. Two are wheelchair friendly. All are suitable for children 12 and older.

PVWT is owned and operated by Sandra Cesca, an American who has lived in Puerto Vallarta full time since 2008 and started her walking tours in 2009. She is certified by the Department of Tourism and personally knows all of the people you will meet while walking Puerto Vallarta.

She is also a cultural photographer and uses many of her photos on her websites so you can see where you will be walking and what you will see and do. Find reviews from her many clients on Trip Advisor where she has a Certificate of Excellence.

Sandra Cesca has lived in Puerto Vallarta for 11 years. She is a cultural tour guide with her own small business: Puerto Vallarta Walking Tours. She is also a cultural photographer and writer whose work can be found on Your Cultural Insider and Sandra Cesca Photography. Contact her: sandra.learn.vallarta(at)

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Shopping for Oaxaca Textiles in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
Sandra Cesca

Walking down Aquiles Serdan on Vallarta's south side, a new shop beckoned me in with floor to ceiling shelves laden with multi-colored rugs & tablecloths and pillows in rich earth tones. I was in the new showroom of Casa Oaxaca, where art and home decor reign.

Historic El Centro with Puerto Vallarta Walking Tours
Sandra Cesca

Fall in love with Puerto Vallarta as you walk the historic district with a native English speaker and resident whose love of the city is evident through the fascinating insights you hear. Walk the cobblestone streets while absorbing the sights, smells, and sounds of daily life.

Meet 'Marco Loco,' Puerto Vallarta's Crazy River Diver
Sandra Cesca

Visit Chico's Paradise along the Rio Los Horcones just south of Puerto Vallarta and you will often see 'Marco Loco.' Marco, who grew up in the nearby town of Las Juntas, has been entertaining Chico's patrons for years by diving into the river - sometimes blindfolded.

Chocolate Walk with Puerto Vallarta Walking Tours
Sandra Cesca

If you love chocolate, Puerto Vallarta Walking Tours has the perfect walk for you! There are a few good chocolatiers creating both artisan and everyday chocolate delights in town, and we visit three of the best, where you will see how they are made.

Puerto Vallarta Walking Tours: Explore PV's Southside
Sandra Cesca

One of the joys of living in Puerto Vallarta is that I get to take folks on walks around town to show them sights, sounds, and smells they may not find on their own. My Southside Neighborhoods Walking Tour is a delight for the senses as you are immersed in the colorful local culture.

Shopping for Talavera Pottery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Sandra Cesca

Blue & white pottery has always been a favorite of mine since my grandmother gave me a small pitcher from Italy. So, imagine my joy when I discovered Señor Talavera, a local shop operated by Moises Jimenez. His is one of four Talavera shops that I know of in Puerto Vallarta.

Mexican Vanilla Extract: Pure or Imitation?
Sandra Cesca

Vanilla beans cultivated around the world originally came from Mexico. When Cortés came to conquer Mexico in 1519, he sent samples of the vanilla orchid back to Spain, where they eventually spread to other countries. But how can you tell if vanilla extract is pure or imitation?

The Era of 'Yucatan Green Gold' in Merida, Mexico
Sandra Cesca

Sotuta de Peón, once one of the largest hacienda plantations for the production of natural fiber rope, was established in the 1800s just outside of Merida, Mexico. Today, it is a living museum, having been restored from its abandoned state over 25 years ago.

Puerto Vallarta Walking Tours: A Palapa for your Pleasure
Sandra Cesca

Walking around Puerto Vallarta you will see many palapas, especially along the beach, where they serve as sun protection. So what is a palapa? It's an open-air thatched roof structure that is commonly constructed by local craftsmen using natural materials from the jungle.

Puerto Vallarta Walking Tours: Mexico's Nopal Cactus
Sandra Cesca

Dulce Maria Morales sits at our daily market removing the spines from nopal (prickly pear) cactus to prepare them for sale. When I first came to Mexico, I asked her what to do with these lovely green pads. Now, after many meals which have included various preparations, I love this food.

Meet the Mexican Willy Wonka in Puerto Vallarta
Sandra Cesca

The always smiling Jesus, whose nickname is 'Willy Wonka,' and I became friends at least 10 years ago when I started to bring people to one of his family's Puerto Vallarta 'dulcerias' to taste his many yummy products. Caramelized nuts, not chocolate, are his specialty.

El Tuito: A Satisfying Adventure into Rural Mexico
Sandra Cesca

I first met Marta several years ago, after hearing about her famous breads, cakes, and cookies in the small Mexican town of El Tuito. I have visited her many times since because her butter cookies are to die for. If you ever visit Puerto Vallarta, I will happily take you there.

Discover The Miracle of 'Milagros' in Puerto Vallarta
Sandra Cesca

I was walking by this shop in downtown Puerto Vallarta when I was attracted to the hundreds of wooden shapes hanging on the walls. Turns out they were 'milagros,' which means 'miracles' in Spanish, and they have been used for over 4000 years as a way to express gratitude.

Discovering Indigenous Art in Puerto Vallarta
Sandra Cesca

Mexico has long been known for its talented artists and craftsmen. Some techniques date back hundreds of years. Many shops and galleries in Puerto Vallarta carry these beautiful, handmade pieces, some examples of which can be seen on some of my walking tours.

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