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Immigration is About All of Us
email this pageprint this pageemail usMark Alvarez - PVNN
December 29, 2010

A civilization could be judged by the degree of diversity attained and the degree of unity retained...
-W.H. Auden

1. Immigrants benefit Utah economically, culturally and socially.

Diversity and cultural richness strengthen our community.

Throughout Utah's history increasing levels of immigration have accompanied economic prosperity. Immigrants bring skills, determination and ingenuity for economic, cultural and social endeavors. They complement skill sets of Utahans.

Immigrant aspirations are consistent with better conditions for all. Utah can gain through collaborative work for common goals.

2. Effective immigration law must be enacted and administered at the federal level.

The U.S. Constitution and Supreme Court jurisprudence grant authority over immigration to the federal government.

Utah and the country are better served by uniform immigration policy than by a patchwork system that differs across towns, states and regions.

State and local immigration policies tend to increase societal tension and interfere with community and relationship building.

3. Human rights and human dignity must be respected.

Immigration laws and policy must be guided by American core and founding values such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Migrants and immigrants have rights and responsibilities under the Constitution, including due process, privacy, freedom from search and humane, seizure and freedom of speech.

Immigration laws and policies must be enacted and administered in a nondiscriminatory manner that respects families and human dignity.

Mark Alvarez is a Salt Lake City attorney and a member of the city Library Board. He co-hosts a Spanish-language radio show. He currently resides in Mexico City. Contact him at alvarez_mark2004(at)

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