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People Lie in Modern Communications
Guillermo Ramón Adames y Suari

In recent studies carried out at Cornell University, a number of very interesting stories came up as a consequence of today’s invasive communication’s means. What is not mentioned in the extracts of the article published by Cornell University, is “where” did they get those telephone messages from.

UNAM: The Most Unusual Projects
Guillermo Ramón Adames y Suari

Look around you, retirement benefits cost more and more and there is less and less jobs and people live longer and longer. Don’t even mention this, no one has an answer.

New Year's Letter to the President
Dr. Tomas

Mr. President, I don't know about you but I am relieved that 2010 finally came to an end. The murder of two of my beloved relatives have made it difficult to ignore all the other unsolved murders in Cd. Juarez and throughout Mexico.

Mexico Drug War a Nightmare Scenario
David Frum

The lesson of the past few years: Watch out for things that can go massively wrong. What could go massively wrong in the US in 2011? Let's start next door, with Mexico.

The TSA's State-Mandated Molestation
Jennifer Abel

The humiliations of the patdown policy, which Janet Napolitano wants to expand, are an Orwellian assault on American freedom.

Don't Be Distracted by Body Scanners: US Government Spying and the Fourth Amendment
Martin Lijtmaer

On December 15, Bill of Rights Day, the uproar over body scanners had brought the Fourth Amendment to the front of the public debate. There are legitimate reasons to be upset over invasive, costly and arguably ineffective measures adopted in the guise of protecting national security. But the call to arms over body scanners is a distraction.

US Report: Rich White Men Are Most Likely to Survive Nuclear Blast
Ira Chernus

Good news! You’ve got a pretty good chance of surviving a terrorist’s nuclear blast in your city - especially if you’re a rich white man. Women, ethnic minorities and lower socioeconomic classes are more likely to be “stricken by psychiatric disorders,” and once they start going crazy they’re less likely to survive.

The 2010 "Are You Serious?" Awards
Conn Hallinan

Each year the column Dispatches From The Edge awards news stories and newsmakers that fall under the category of “Are you serious?” Here are 2010’s winners.

Immigration is About All of Us
Mark Alvarez

Immigration laws and policies must be enacted and administered in a nondiscriminatory manner that respects families and human dignity.

14 Of The Most Ridiculous Things That Americans Are Being Arrested For
The Economic Collapse

Doesn't it seem like almost everything is becoming a crime in America now? Americans are being arrested and charged with crimes for doing things like leaving dog poop on the ground, opening up Christmas presents early, not recycling properly, farting in class and having brown lawns. But is it healthy for our society for the police to be involved in such silly things?

Buying A Flag
Ilan Benmergui

In the subterranean parking lot, a boy of no more than 12 is hawking Mexican flags of all sizes from a push-cart. Looking at him, I marvel at the irony he represents: here is a boy who probably does not go to school, proudly selling symbols of the system that let him down, that deprived him of an education. He looks quite content, however, so I decide to ask him a few questions.

A Latin America Agenda for Obama
Jaime Daremblum

Nearly two years have passed since his inauguration, and President Obama has yet to unveil a major policy initiative for Latin America. Regional officials are hoping that Obama will end this neglect in 2011 and increases U.S. engagement.

Osama bin Laden is Dead: Maybe CIA Can Get Confirmation From "SNL"
Robert Weiner & James Lewis

Last week, al Qaeda issued its annual Christ- mas threat to the United States, promising suicide bombings during the holidays. Here's a better idea for a Christmas present from al Qaeda: a video showing Osama bin Laden - or his grave.

What if the Shoe Was on the Other Foot? Some Thoughts on Violent Crime and Tourism

Mexico is a great country. It’s a beautiful country. And if you stay away from the scary section of town, if you don’t deal drugs, if you aren’t a hooker and you steer clear of shady bars, chances are you’ll have a ball and be safe in every city, coast to coast.

Christmas in Mexico
Allan Wall

It's that time of year again - Christmas in Mexico. Mexican Christmas customs are an eclectic mixture of the old and the new, including elements from Europe, elements developed in Mexico, and, in recent years, elements borrowed from the USA.

A New Approach is Needed in Anti-Crime Fight in Mexico
David J. Danelo

As 2010 ends, U.S. diplomats have spent less energy on holiday festivities and instead are working overtime to prevent trust with foreign governments from evaporating after thousands of leaked documents became public.

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