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San Blas Int'l Migratory Bird Festival

From January 23–30, 2011, San Blas will be hosting the 7th Annual International Festival of Migratory Birds, offering bird enthusiasts the opportunity to experience guided bird watching tours, insightful conferences, activities for children, dance presentations, plays, music, and more.

Shift of Earth's Magnetic North Pole Affects Tampa Airport

Scientists say the magnetic north pole is moving toward Russia and the fallout has reached - of all places - Tampa International Airport.

Mexico Gets $15M From Norway to Fight Deforestation

Norway is providing Mexico with $15.3 million to fund environmental monitoring efforts aimed at reducing emissions of pollutants and slowing deforestation, the Environment and Natural Resources Secretariat said.

US to Vatican: Genetically Modified Food Is a "Moral Imperative"
Mike Ludwig

Secret United States diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks detail efforts to promote genetically modified (GM) crops and biotechnology across the globe, including the Vatican, where US diplomats pushed the Roman Catholic Church to support biotech food in developing nations.

Sayulita Hosts "Kids Only" Surf Contest
Alyssa Glaspie

Check out this weekend's beach clean up and first annual "Kids Only Surf Contest / Expression Session" in Sayulita, happening Sunday January 2nd. Kids of all ages (5-75 yrs) and skill levels, as well as boards of all kinds are welcome.

"This Time There Will Be No Noah's Ark"
Daniela Pastrana

"The market is not going to resolve the environmental crisis," says theologian and environmentalist Leonardo Boff, professor at Brazil's State University of Rio de Janeiro. The solution, he says, lies in ethics and in changing our relationship with nature.

Genetically Modified Food: We Are What We Eat!
Tara Spears

Have you eaten genetically modified food? Do you know in which foods it can be found? Do you know what to do to avoid consuming them? Do you know its possible health effects? These are the questions that this guide seeks to respond to a consumer audience who demand this information and is increasingly more interested in healthy eating.

Dirty Tricks in Chevron Ecuador Lawsuit
The Real News Network

In these special reports, we review the struggle of 30,000 people from the Ecuadorian rainforest and their battle against Chevron, trying to get compensation for a series of oil spills that has caused massive ground and water contamination.

Environmentalism on the Half Shell
National Geographic

Chef and National Geographic Fellow Barton Seaver visits the owners of hundred-year-old oyster company who are working to keep the famous oysters on the map - and on our plates.

Unseen Photos of Niagara Falls Without Water

Roughly six million cubic feet of water tumble down the Niagara Falls every minute. But for a few months in 1969 the American falls were completely dry, and last year a Connecticut man found never-before-seen photos of the historic occasion.

World's Largest Environmental Lawsuit in Ecuador
The Real News Network

30,000 natives fight for compensation against Texaco (now Chevron), accused of 3 decades of toxic dumping in Amazon.

How the Gulf Oil Spill Became History's Worst
California Academy of Sciences

Cal Academy's Peter Roopnarine compares how the original spill estimates from the Deepwater Horizon and the actual totals from the oil spill stack up against other large spills.

Mexico Eyes Energy Storage Facilities

Energy storage is needed if North America is to realize its full green energy potential, said Mexican President Felipe Calderon.

Lunar Gazers Get a Real Show

Skygazers with a clear view in North America and Europe were greeted with a celestial treat in the early morning hours Tuesday, as a unique total lunar eclipse transformed the Moon pink, coppery or even a blood red.

Google Opens World’s Forests for All To See
Suzanne Bohan

With Google’s new Earth Engine, anyone will be able to view forest conditions worldwide. When it launches next year, the online tool will provide satellite imagery of forests and will reveal where these woodlands have been razed or degraded by logging.

Solstice-Eclipse Overlap First in 456 Years
Rebecca Lindell

This year's winter solstice — an event that occurs Tuesday — will coincide with a full lunar eclipse in a union that hasn't been seen in 456 years

Simply Puerto Vallarta - Simply Crocs
Laura Gelezunas

Crocodiles have been Puerto Vallarta, Mexico residents for around 200-million years. They have been human neighbors for a lot less time. Local biologist, Petr Myska states that there are not more crocodiles in the Banderas Bay area, we just made them live closer to us.

U.S. Drafts Environmental Proposal for Solar Energy
Sarah McBride

The Department of the Interior and the Department of Energy have drafted an environmental study that identifies public lands best suited for solar development in six western states.

Greenpeace Hails President Calderón's Leadership in Cancún Agreements
Suzanne Stephens Waller

Mexican President Felipe Calderón met with members of Greenpeace International. During the conversation, the Director of Greenpeace congratulated President Calderón on the organization of the 16th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Winter Solstice: Plant a Tree at Rancho el Limon
Dana Doncaster

Are you wondering what 'on earth' to give to your loved ones for Christmas? Why not give them a gift from nature? Give them a tree! On December 21st you can plant a tree at Rancho el Limon to commemorate a person, a pet, a happy event or a relationship. What a great gift great idea!

Fox News Ordered Staff to Slant News Against Climate Change
Alex Eichler

On Wednesday, the liberal watchdog site Media Matters published an email from Bill Sammon, Washington managing editor of Fox News, in which Sammon urged the network’s reporters and producers not to refer to climate change “without IMMEDIATELY pointing out that such theories are based upon data that critics have called into question.”

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club Meets Dec 16
Gary R. Beck

The Puerto Vallarta Garden Club, a new club for plant lovers, beauty lovers, civic lovers and Vallarta lovers, will hold its next meeting at Callejon Pedregoso #439, located near the corner of Aldama and Caranza streets in El Cerro, above El Centro at 10 am on December 16th.

Mexico’s First Ecological School Hosts 1st Annual Eco-Contest
Siobhan Bowers

Playa del Carmen, Mexico – On Sunday, December 5, 2010, parents and children from all across the Riviera Maya and as far away as Mexico City gathered together at Ak Lu’um International School in Playa del Carmen, to participate in the 1st annual Family Eco-Challenge, a contest which invited families to design and build a unique toy or game that encourages play without doing harm to the environment.

Honey Health Benefits Touted as Bees Face Extinction
Laura Krantz

Sweet, healthy, vital for the planet, and perhaps even a good model for society. This is how beekeepers at a Honey Fair in Laval this fall described bees and the products made within their hives.

Warming, Overfishing Destroying Coral Reefs
Karl Ritter

The once-vibrant coral reef shielding these sun-soaked beaches from the wrath of the sea is withering away under the stress of pollution and warmer water.

Cancun Summit Ends Without Solving Emissions Puzzle
Diana Cariboni

The frankness of Russian lawmaker Viktor Shudegov revealed an "inconvenient" truth, the ongoing lack of awareness about global warming, in a parallel meeting to the climate change summit hosted by Mexico in the resort city of Cancún, Nov. 29 to Dec. 10.

Wikileaks and Canadian Climate Change Coverup
The Real News Network

Daphne Wysham: Wikileaks cables reveals Canadian Government covering up tar sands info.

UN Talks Endorse $100 Billion Climate Aid Fund, Forest Protection Program
Jim Efstathiou Jr. & Alex Morales

Envoys at United Nations talks agreed to a package aimed at limiting global warming by protecting forests, advising nations on adapting to higher temperatures and opening a $100 billion Green Climate Fund.

Spotlight Cancún: Kyoto Protocol Post Mortem
Kristen Sheeran

This week the world stands by as international negotiators in Cancun appear to be writing the post mortem for the Kyoto Protocol.

Climate Talks Down to Wire, Mexico Pushes for Deal
Gerard Wynn & Alister Doyle

Mexico scrambled to break an impasse between rich and poor nations over future cuts in greenhouse gas emissions on Friday as 190-nation climate talks went down to the wire.

Climate Talks Intensify; Negotiators See Progress
Associated Press

Negotiators reported progress Thursday at the U.N. climate conference, setting the stage for agreements on a support fund for poorer nations and other steps easing global warming's impact. The complex talks stretched deep into the night to try to meet a Friday deadline.

Voices from Cancun Climate Conference
Tina Gerhardt & Bill McKibben

The sixteenth UN Climate Change Conference will wrap up this Friday. While many were frustrated at exclusions of civil society and indigenous groups from official negotiations, others used the occasion to marshal an international grassroots movement that is stronger than ever.

Altered Corn Slowly Takes Root in Mexico
Jean Guerrero

Mexico, the birthplace of corn, is edging toward the use of genetically modified varieties to lower its dependence on imports, but strong opposition among some growers and environmentalists, who see altered corn as a threat to native strains, has kept the wheels turning slowly.

Two Bengal Tigers Born at Vallarta Zoo

On December 4, 2010 the Puerto Vallarta Zoo proudly announced the birth of two Bengal Tigers at the Zoologico de Vallarta facilities in Mismaloya. The cubs, born just in time for Christmas, reflect the season's colors - the female is as white as a snowflake and the male is the color of gold.

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