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You Talkin' to Me?
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Dear Readers - Recently, Dick Cheney, the ex Vice President of the United States of America stated on CNN that "mistakes were made" with regard to the well publicized capture program. I am writing to you because I am one of those mistakes. What I am about to tell you is the truth and I will detail as much as possible about a failed capture operation, a psychological interrogation done even after they knew who I was, a second entrapment operation and manipulation of persons and agencies with which I had earned the right to be involved with. (Click HERE for complete letter)
-Tom Chavez
Dear Editor - When I first stumbled across your website, I thought... what a great source for news, entertainment, and activities in Vallarta (as well as a ton of other features), all in one place. I thought I should write a letter to thank you until a friend helped me realize what is really going on with your site.

After she took at look at it, I realized that your website is really just a rag (or the website equivalent to a rag) of the liberal elite media establishment, with all your ‘fact checking’ and ‘gotcha’ journalism. Rest assured I will not be looking at your website until you make major changes. I hope that you will be bold and don’t be afraid to get all "mavericky" in there.

Did I mention my friend is from Alaska? Although Vallarta is my current home, I am from Canada so I know all about Alaska as well – I can see it from my backyard. Sorry I have to make this brief but I must get to Liverpool for some new clothes.

Regards, Christopher Bradshaw
I enjoy reading your Banderas News... looking forward to our trip in February.
- Joan Lunde
I have been reading Bahia de Banderas News for some time. Thoroughly enjoyable and informative for people who live outside the country where their heart remains. It's always a pleasure to read about Puerto Vallarta and surrounding area.
- Francisco Trevino
We are writing to you from our home in the UK although we have always felt Puerto Vallarta to be our spiritual home since our first visit 10 years ago! We try to come over twice a year, always to the Hotel Mercurio, where the wonderful owner Paul Crist and his staff greet us each time with such warmth and affection. It is so good to receive your news letter as it is always so interesting and informative.

We are always amazed by the amount of charitable work that is done, far more than in most countries! Should we ever get the opportunity to have extended stays we shall certainly look to helping these wonderful causes. Thanks again!
- George Debenham and Margie Guppy
I have been watching your videos on BanderasNews for many months now and I always look forward to the next installment of Banderas Beat. I am so impressed with the professionalism and the vast variety of subjects you cover in the short but enticing video. In fact, I almost feel like i know you from watching these so often.

My wife and I have traveled all over this world but find Vallarta as our favorite spot in all of the world. We have been to Vallarta 20 times and hope to make it our winter home when we retire in the next few years. The warmth of the people, the vibrant pulse of the nightlife, the variety of tastes and smell from the local restaurants and the great climate make this the perfect destination.

I find myself totally entranced in Vallarta. I read every website and article I can find on the town. I research new adventure opportunities, new restaurants and clubs and love to read profiles of local residents. I have made so many friends and acquaintances down there during our various trip. I guess you could say I am obsessed with the town, but can you blame me.

Please keep up the great work and pass my kudos to the entire staff at It is one of the most up to date and easy to read websites on Vallarta.

Sorry to ramble on but I have so much passion for Vallarta that it hard to contain it sometime. Again I want to thank you for the great job you do on your videos. Looking forward to future installments.
- Ed Bushman, Dixon, IL
Mexico Housing Vs. Income

I was reading your article regarding The Housing Boom In Mexico, and how many people, especially from the US are taking advantage of the fact that buying your own home is now easier and cheaper than in the US.

That particular point is very true. The big problem here in Mexico is that many construction companies and real estate agencies know that, and they are driving home prices up from what they used to be before, but not so high so that potential home buyers in the US can still see that homes are cheaper in Mexico.

The consequence: Homes are now more expensive for the Mexicans who STILL live and work in Mexico. Click HERE for more »»»
- Carlos Renteria

Republican vs. Democrat?

Most of the editorials I've read on BanderasNews are views from the Democratic party or left wing. Does this mean that there are NO Republican or conservative residents that will speak out from Vallarta? If there are some conservatives out there, please speak up.

I for one still believe that The Republican party stands for smaller government, tax breaks and independent thinking... not socialistic rule! Hopefully there are some like thinkers there in Vallarta that will voice their opinion in this forum.
- Vedna Garcia
Dear Mr. President Felipe Calderon,

I am a Canadian and want to write a open letter to you, because I really care for the Mexican people.

I will start with my own company,which employed Mexicans at all their four manufacturing plants in the United States. Unfortunately, the company got sold to a American fortune 1000 company, and as it is a public company, all Mexicans were fired. The reason? Because they were illegal.

The company suffered as production went dramatically down, the local labour could not work as hard as the Mexicans. This only illustrates the fact that Mexicans are the most hardest working people, if given a chance they are honest and industrious, as often proved that all workers who worked at all four plants had not a single criminal offense in the last 10 years.

Mexico has a unique position, all of its Northern neighbours need consumer goods and these neighbours have to look across the oceans to China to meet all its needs. Mexico is a warm country and ideal for manufacturing all types of goods. Why should we have to buy from China? Mexico can provide agricultural products and industrial goods.

I will give a simple example of how Mexico can meet the Canadian and Americans' requirements for the winter season. My company manufactures Fire logs, these can be manufactured from all agriculture biomass and waste products.

Mexico is rich in Agriculture biomass, i.e., Sugarcane bagasas, recycled coffee grounds, shells from nuts, waste bagasse from Maguey and oil-based waxes. Mexico can provide manufactured fire logs for Canada and US. This is a single example, Mexico can become a manufacturing paradise for North America. It is high time a country so rich in oil and minerals can help it's people.

The government of Mexico should embrace this opportunity and take the right steps, so the hard working people of Mexico do not have to become illegal workers in other countries, and we do not need to buy goods from China.
- Anthony J. D'Souza
Americans cheered when the Berlin Wall came down. Why is it that now many Americans want to build a wall across our Mexican border? First of all, who is going to build the wall? The Mexicans? Most of us come from other places, or at least our grandparents did. Immigrants are hard-working people who do jobs that "we" Americans do not want to do. Immigrants built this country in the northern industrial cities, along with African-Americans in the South. Why don't we just make the honest, hard-working, non-crime-committing "illegals" legal? Seems so simple. I worry more about our "northern" border more than the U.S.-Mexican border.
- Gayle Corso
Hola! We have been coming to Puerta Vallarta for some 10 years or more and we want to thank your wonderful city and people for the many acts of kindness, friendship and honesty that we have experienced while in your city and surrounding areas. We get to come back again this February to stay for a month, which we really look forward to. Hats off to ALL for a wonderful job, you are FIRST CLASS.
- Floyd, Brenda, Charlene and Ardell, North Dakota, USA.
Help for Veterans in Banderas Bay
This is a plug for David Lord, you have all read his page...

I left Vietnam 36 years ago with a medical discharge and a plane ticket home... but no benefits. I tried a couple of times to get some help, to no avail.

Living in Mexico, David Lord is the National Service Officer for the Military Order of the Purple Heart, working for Veterans in Mexico and Latin America. I met David Lord 2 years ago and he could not believe that I had no Benefits with my disabilities. Well now I have them... it didn't happen overnight, but he filed the papers and sent them to the right people. Bam! So it does work.

Did you know that Veterans married to locals, if they pass, the spouse is eligible for benefits? If you have a mental disability you still need to go to counseling... we have it here. Also we have the American Legion Post 14 at Basillo Badillo #286 helping veterans everyday, stop by for info and contacts of other Vets that can help with many different problems.
- Ron Abbe

These letters are vital to us, as they keep us apprised of what our readers are thinking, and place us in a much better position to direct our future efforts accordingly. Please keep them coming to! -thx

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