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Push to Market Pill Stirs Debate on Sexual Desire
Duff Wilson

Ever since Viagra met blockbuster success in 1998, the drug industry has sought a similar pill for women. Now, a German drug giant says it has stumbled upon such a pill and is trying to persuade the Food and Drug Administration that its drug can help restore a depressed female sex drive.

Promise of an Optimal Future for Women and Girls
Shobha Shukla

2010 is as transforming a mile stone as 1910 was, in the journey of achieving basic human and health care rights for all women and children.

Women Deliver 2010: Lot More Needs to be Done to Save Women's Lives
Bobby Ramakant

At the global level we don't only have the issue of deaths of women and child, pregnancy and child-birth related situations, but it is the discrepancy between these deaths in the northern and more industrialized countries and in the developing countries.

Antidepressants During Pregnancy Increase Risk of Miscarriage
S. L. Baker

Almost 4 percent of pregnant women take them at some point during the first trimester - and the result can be tragic. The new research concludes expectant moms taking antidepressants have an astounding 68 percent increase in the overall risk of miscarriage.

Mexico Group Hits Church Abortion Stance

A Catholic movement in Mexico that supports a woman's right to choose abortion says the Catholic Church is going against its own laws in the matter.

Women Deliver 2010: Invest in Women, it Pays
Shobha Shukla

The world's largest conference on women's health and empowerment in more than a decade opens on Monday, June 7, at Washington DC, USA, with a call to increase funding commitments for maternal, reproductive, and newborn health.

Women: Tobacco's Future Face
Jittima Jantanamalaka

As tobacco consumption rises among women and youth, warning sign has gone out to the world on World No Tobacco Day , also from the International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease and Action on Smoking and Health Foundation.

Peaches, Plums Induce Deliciously Promising Death of Breast Cancer Cells
Kathleen Phillips

Breast cancer cells - even the most aggressive type - died after treatments with peach and plum extracts in lab tests at Texas AgriLife Research recently, and scientists say the results are deliciously promising. Not only did the cancerous cells keel over, but the normal cells were not harmed in the process.

Mexico Upholds Morning-After Pill for Rape Victims
Associated Press

Mexico's Supreme Court has upheld a law requiring hospitals to offer rape victims a morning-after birth control pill, rejecting an appeal that argued the pill's effect constitutes the equivalent of an abortion.

Marrying a Much Younger Man Greatly Increases a Woman's Chance of Early Death
Jeremy Taylor

The Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, in Germany, analyzed the marriage and death records of 2 million Dutch men and women.

Buenos Aires: No HIV, Syphilis in Newborns in Five Years
Marcela Valente

With the right treatment, mother-to-child transmission of congenital syphilis and HIV, the AIDS virus, can be prevented. But every year, thousands of babies are still being born with these diseases in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Searching for Gender Justice
Joanne Sandler & Laura Turquet

How and when will the Rome Statute and Security Council Resolution 1325 actually contribute to the delivery of justice to a critical mass of the world’s women?

Ye Gads! The Pill Turns 50!
Carla K. Johnson

A world without “the pill” is unimaginable to many young women who now use it to treat acne, skip periods, improve mood and, of course, prevent pregnancy. They might be surprised to learn that U.S. officials announcing approval of the world’s first oral contraceptive were uncomfortable.

Demographics of Abortion: Race, Poverty and Choice
Michelle Chen

What kind of a woman gets an abortion these days? One of the most stunning findings, particularly in light of the newhealth care reform legislation, is how abortion has become increasingly entwined with poverty.

Researchers Recommend Pregnant Women Take 4,000 IU Vitamin D a Day
American Academy of Pediatrics

Taking vitamin D supplements during pregnancy is not only safe for mother and baby, but also can prevent preterm labor/births and infections, according to results of a randomized controlled study to be presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) annual meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Brief Treatment Can Ease Depression in Mothers
Susan Martin

When pediatricians see a child for a check-up, they may want to spend a few minutes checking out the mother's well-being, too. New research suggests that depression is common in disadvantaged mothers, well beyond the postpartum period.

The Pill 50 Years Later – The Fight for Coverage Continues
Catherine Epstein

The pill has been under ideological fire since the first tiny tablet hit a woman’s palm. And the impact it’s had on women’s autonomy and freedom has been – as decades have passed – nearly equal to the fear it’s instilled in those who believe in curtailing reproductive rights.

Luxury Boutiques Introduce PEACE Products
Emily L'Hoist

PEACE, a Banderas Bay area nonprofit organization established in 2005, has recently partnered with high-end Puerto Vallarta boutiques Cielito Lindo Collections and El Baño de Maria, exposing their handmade, 100% recyclable products along side iconic luxury items.

Women Convene in Puerto Vallarta to Discuss International Gender Justice Issues

Even the volcanic ash that is wreaking havoc across half the globe can't shut down an international dialogue that is increasingly important in today's world - gender justice.

United States-Mexico Border Latinas: Breast Cancer Knowledge, Attitudes and Factors Associated With Early Detection Practices

Latina women who reside on either side of the U.S.-Mexico border are a study in contrasts when it comes to breast cancer screening.

Why Drug Addicts Are Getting Sterilized for Cash
William Lee Adams

With many addicts, the road to recovery begins with counseling and a drug rehabilitation program. Less orthodox, however, is the decision to undergo a tubal ligation.

Mexican Birth Control Pills Attract Buyers
Elizabeth Allen & Lynn Brezosky

Women living along the United States-Mexico border routinely buy their birth control pills in Mexico, and if they could buy them over the counter in the U.S., a lot more women would — and should, according to the study's authors.

Anxiety Can Kill Your Sex Drive

Sex therapist and educator Miriam Baker talks about one negative consequence of the g-spot debate.

Rape aXe: Putting Teeth Into the Fight Against Rape
Amanda Bailly

Rape-aXe is a flexible polyurethane condom-like tube that fits into the woman's body. Rows of jagged plastic hooks line the inside of the tube - bent backward like teeth in a shark's mouth - and lodge in a perpetrator's penis upon entry.

Exercise in Pregnancy Reduces Size of Offspring
Aaron Lohr

Given that large birth size is associated with an increased risk of obesity, a modest reduction in birth weight may have long-term health benefits for offspring by lowering this risk in later life.

US Maternal Deaths on the Rise
William Fisher

Despite the fact that the United States spends more on maternal health than any other country in the world, deaths in childbirth among U.S. women are on the rise and already surpass the morbidity rates in most developed countries.

Never-Married Women Face Social Stigma, MU Researcher Finds
Emily Martin

In a new study, “I’m a Loser, I’m Not Married, Let’s Just All Look at Me,” a University of Missouri researcher examined the familial and societal messages given to women who are not married by their mid-30’s.

Obama Buys Health Care Passage with Executive Order on Abortion
David Espo

President Barack Obama and House Democratic leaders struck a last-minute deal Sunday with abortion foes to secure the final few votes needed to remake America’s health care system, writing a climactic chapter in a century-old quest for near universal coverage.

Still a Long Way to Go for Black Women in Latin America
Patricia Grogg

Although it is rich in natural resources, the northwest Colombian Pacific coastal region of Chocó, where nearly all of the population is black, is the country's poorest region.

Stop Mistreating Working Women!
Dick Meister

Although the global recession has had a serious impact on working men and women alike, two new reports make clear that women in the United States and throughout the world have suffered most because of long-standing discrimination.

Abortion in Latin America - Still Illegal, Still Killing, Despite Growing Awareness
Estrella Gutiérrez

Although most of the governments in Latin America today are described as progressive, abortion is only legal in one country, while in five countries it is banned under all circumstances, even when the mother's life is at risk.

The Never-Ending US Debate Over Abortion
Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar

President Barack Obama’s health care bill would change federal policy on abortion, but not open the spigot of taxpayer dollars that some abortion opponents fear.

MU Researcher Presents Risk-free Treatment for Low Female Sexual Desire
Kelsey Jackson & Laurie Mintz

According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, people who engage in regular sexual activity gain several health benefits, such as longer lives, healthier hearts, lower blood pressure, and lower risk of breast cancer. However, approximately 33 percent of women may not receive these benefits due to low sexual desire.

Women’s Roles Polled
Miral Fahmy

Women head governments, run companies and comprise about half the world’s workforce, but a global poll shows that one in four people, most of them young, believe a woman’s place is in the home.

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