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Is Vacation Ownership Right for You?
Planning your next vacation? Perhaps you should consider vacation ownership, the use of a vacation home for a limited, pre-planned time. Many people buy timeshares for the convenience of having pre-arranged vacation facilities.

Vacation ownership makes family vacations simple and affordable by significantly lowering the financial and mental stress of finding and renting hotel rooms. If you vacation, timesharing makes great financial sense while offering superb facilities.

Fractional time ownership is also the perfect means to help achieve the most important thing of all - sharing quality time with loved ones! To find out if vacation property ownership is right for you, simply check one box for each of the questions below, and then check your score at the bottom of the page.

1. How often do you vacation?
More than 3 times a year
2 or 3 times a year
1 time a year
We don't vacation

2. How often would you like to vacation?
More than 3 times a year
2 or 3 times a year
1 time a year
We don't vacation

3. When you vacation, how many people are usually in your party? (including family and/or friends)
1 or 2
3 or 4
5 or more
We don't vacation

4. How long is your typical vacation?
8 days or more
4 to 7 days
Fewer than 4 days
We don't vacation

5. Where do you like to vacation?
Ocean beaches
Ski or golf locations
Lake locations
Famous cities
We don't vacation

6. How far in advance do you plan your vacations?
More than 12 months
6 to 12 months
2 to 5 months
Fewer than 2 months
We don't vacation
7. When on vacation, do you prefer to...
Eat in restaurants for all meals
Eat some meals in restaurants, the rest room service
Eat some meals in restaurants, bring some food to save money
We don't vacation

8. When on vacation, do you prefer...
Sharing a room with your kids or travel companions
Having your own private room
We travel alone
We don't vacation

9. When on vacation, do you prefer to...
Go where you're sure of the type/quality of accommodations
Be adventurous and find accommodations while on the road
We don't vacation

10. Do you find that the typical hotel room is...
Just about right for my family and/or travel companions
Too small for our group, but we can manage
Too small, often requiring two rooms
We don't vacation

11. When at a hotel or resort, do you prefer to...
Have a somewhat structured activity program available
Meet other guests
Keep to yourselves
We don't vacation

12. Do you prefer to...
Vacation at the same place every year
Vacation at the same place every few years
Explore a new vacation spot every year
We don't vacation

13. What is your annual vacation budget?
$500 or less
$501 to $1000
$1001 to $1500
More than $1500
We don't vacation

14. While on vacation, which type of accommodations best suits your needs?
A typical hotel/motel
A resort hotel
Condominium or house-style accommodations
We don't vacation

15. How often have you rented a vacation home or condominium?
2 to 3 times
1 time
Have never rented
We don't vacation

16. Have you ever considered buying a vacation home?
We have seriously considered doing so
We might consider it
We would not consider it
We don't vacation
If your score is...
64 - Run, don't walk to the nearest Vacation Ownership resort to buy!
46 to 63 - You love to vacation! Looks like Vacation Ownership was designed for you. You'll especially enjoy the flexibility of vacation exchange.
32 to 45 - Vacations are important to you. Fixed- or floating-week plans are good options, but a points-based or club plan might best suit your leisure needs.
16 to 31 - You may not be a big vacationer now, but why not make this the year to change all that? Take a timeshare resort up on a mini-vacation offer.
1 to 15 - Vacation ownership doesn't appear to be the right option for you at this time. Take the quiz again next year.
0 - Get a life! Whether you buy Vacation Ownership or not, you need to take a vacation. It just might change your outlook.

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