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Vacation Ownership Options
Vacation ownership, also known as fractional time ownership or timeshare, is the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry and is quickly becoming THE popular way to vacation. Today, more than 5,000 resorts offer timeshare programs in over 90 countries, including many of the world's leading hotel chains such as the Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton, Four Seasons, and Disney Resorts.

In recent years, the wants and needs of leisure travelers have evolved considerably and vacation ownership has proved to be a smart choice. Timeshare is a sensible, cost effective investment that provides you with the luxury of a world-class vacation experience year after year.

Be sure to take our Quick Quiz and see if Vacation Ownership is right for you!

Fractional time ownership creates substantial savings over renting standard hotel accommodations and provides superior vacation value. You'll enjoy first-class holidays with all the comforts of home in a spacious vacation condo or villa with a fully-equipped kitchen, living room, one or more bedrooms and bathrooms, a private balcony or patio - even maid service!

Fee Simple Ownership is another term for a deeded property. By purchasing an interest or week of timeshare in a deeded location, your ownership is perpetual. Just like owning your home, you will receive a deed to the timeshare.

Certificate Ownership, also known as right-to-use, is similar to a long-term lease that gives the individual the ability to own a timeshare for a specific amount of years. In most cases this will be 25 to 30 years in duration.

Both options allow timeshare owners to enjoy vacation time flexibility and access to thousands of worldwide resort destinations! Once you own a timeshare, you can join a vacation ownership exchange program, which provide you with a variety of vacationing possibilities.

Resort Condominiums International (RCI) and Interval International (II) are two of the oldest and largest exchange companies in the world. Membership and Exchange fees with these companies are nominal and offer you the opportunity to change your travel dates, choose from spectacular resorts and worldwide destinations, or trade your time for cruise vacations [SEE CRUISESHARE INFO] and adventure travel experiences.

Mexico is one of the world's leading vacation ownership destinations with over $7 billion invested in timeshare by people who have discovered the extraordinary value of Mexico as a leisure destination. Puerto Vallarta continues to keep up with cutting-edge timeshare opportunities and real estate trends with upscale resorts such as the Four Seasons Punta Mita, Paradise Village, Westin Regina, Buganvilias Sheraton, Mayan Palace, Velas Vallarta and many others.

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Vallarta Timeshares: Endless Vacation Possibilities

Taking a yearly vacation can become expensive, but it doesn't have to be. The Puerto Vallarta timeshare resale and rental options on provide affordable solutions that you can shop for from the comfort of your own home - without high pressure sales tactics.

The Truth About Time Shares
Jim Moore

When I first went to Mexico as a naive twentysomething Americano, I wasn't sure what made me more nervous: machine-gun-toting soldiers in the town plaza, little children pushing boxes of Chiclets in my pocket and then demanding payment for them ... or the fast-talking men, perched inside tiny alcoves along the sidewalks of Puerto Vallarta, trying to sell me a time share.

Classic Timeshare: Dateline Puerto Vallarta
Mark Silverman

In Mexico, Hawaii, Tahoe and many other popular tourist locations, timeshare is marketed intensively to visitors from around the world. After all, what better prospects for the benefits of low cost, luxurious travel than those already on vacation?

Enticing Timeshare Test-Drives
Melanie Lindner

With fuel prices sky-high, the U.S. dollar still weak and recession all but a certainty, breaks on travel expenses can come in handy for cash-strapped vacationers willing to stomach a two-hour sales pitch for a week's worth of fun in the sun or on the slopes.

The Reality of Timeshare
Jason Beckner

If you've ever been involved in the timeshare industry you learn to expect a wide variety of responses. So when I fell into a conversation with two Canadian ladies over breakfast the other day, and they asked what type of work I do, I was prepared!

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