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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkEditorials | Issues | October 2006 

'Time Share' or 'Time Scare' in Vallarta?
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I just spent another delightful month in beautiful Puerto Vallarta. This was our 22nd trip to Mexico. The people are so friendly. It was so delightful throughout the entire trip except for one bad experience to do with time share (what else).

After all these years, I finally attended a time share presentation at a local resort. I informed the salesperson that I was not interested in buying a time share, but they insisted that I listen to their boiler room presentation, and out of courtesy to the salesperson, I did listen right to the end.

I had been told I was required to spend 90 minutes to qualify for a gift. Each of the salespeople took turns brow beating me for 3 1/2 hours. Whenever one sales person got through high pressuring me another would come by and another and another until finally I stood up and said, "NO MORE, I'm out of here!"

When I attempted to collect my gift another salesperson said, "sit here," but I refused to sit and refused to hear any more. He said, "then go to hell you don't get any gift," so I left.

Fortunately, the manager was within ear reach and I asked for his intervention. He said, "yes, you do get your gift," and I did, and I left.

Why the Mexican government allow a bunch of sarcastic, ignorant, abusive, money hungry non-Mexican sales people to abuse tourists like that is indeed a mystery. If anyone with influence is reading this please insist on your government to make it mandatory that the time share guest be given his/her gift(s) immediately after 90 minutes of arrival at the resort. That would end all time share problems, and beautiful resorts such as this would not get branded with a bad reputation from such abuse of the public by their own sales people.

I would be interested in hearing from others who have experienced similar issues with time share people.

Eleazar Yetman, Toronto, Canada -

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