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Hey Women... What’s Going On?
email this pageprint this pageemail usGuillermo Ramón Adames y Suari - PVNN
October 10, 2010

We have never seen in the past so much effervescence with you women. Latin America, paradise of the Latin lovers’ macho men is now mostly governed by women. Even in the “personal” arena, Latin American girls are taking over: The winners of the Miss Universe contest has been monopolized by “latinas” in the last few years. And then what, they will decree what to do!!!

Now, we simply do not see many men running for office now a days. So, high responsibility political posts have been taken over in Argentina (again), Chile and now certainly Brazil. For the first time, in Mexico we have had a lady who has indicated her wish to be considered for the maximum responsibility post in Mexico. Not long ago, Ms. H. Clinton was the politically strongest lady (and opponent to Mr. B.Obama) running for the Democrat’s nomination to run for office. Some ladies are already governing in Europe… but we have to wait for Italy and France!! In Asia, some ladies were extremely popular in India, Philippines and Pakistan.

But all of this is recent, very recent. Some 60 years maximum.

The number of associations and classifications of feminists classifications have exploded around the world: In the US there is the “American Women Suffrage Association”: What is important here is that they were the first ones and fought to get the vote and they did get it. Now they want overall equity and they are fighting for it: And fighting hard. What shows a great deal of maturity in this Association is one of their statements: “…men could and did join as full members and serve as officers…” Specifically, they avoid militant and confrontational strategies.

African women are also revolting, to too many types of gender oppression or mutilation. In a previously published article, concerning Arab ladies, I indicated that Kuwaiti women have accessed their voting rights recently. Even in the most polemical situation, illegal migration into the US or Europe: the amount of women taking this risk is far superior to men's. This did not happen before. Why now? A simple answer would be to realize that relations have reached a certain type of maturity in which all questions can be and should be discussed. Or is it “fedupness”?

As a university professor, I pity young males at university. In the 40+ years that I have taught statistics, my very best students have always been girls: I taught in Mexico, in the US, in France, in Cambodia, in China and in South Africa. Most university girls are more formal and serious and hard working than their male classmates. Gender maturity? We are reaching a society in which competition would become “pure competition”. Whoever is in front of you, if he or she is better, he or she will be appointed and not you. Another dimension enters here: Young Asians (both men and women) are far better trained that Americans (all of the Americas) are. The future is not very bright for our kids altogether, and girls are taking over. Asian girls.

Probably our best place will be to be a “man at home” now that women’s professional competition is taking over. Let them enjoy the way we used to in our fight for power. Or: will we become a completely different society? Are we (all of us) sufficiently mature to give a step like that? If so: are we ready to treat anybody as “equal”?

Guillermo Ramón Adames y Suari is a former electoral officer of the United Nations Organization. Contact him at

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