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A "Leading Indicator" - When a Law Is Poorly Written That Even a Clown Rejects It
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October 05, 2010

This is what they call a "leading indicator" - otherwise defined as "A phenomenon that generally occurs in advance of an important change, aiding in its prediction; A phenomenon that is predictive of the overall level of economic activity, especially one for which reliable statistics are available; a leading economic indicator."

Yeah, that's what it is...or maybe it was just one Clown (Ronald McDonald) telling us what we already knew, that the health plan foisted on us by POTUS, Pelosi and the DEMS is so messed up that will not pass muster with a Clown.

A recent survey from independent pollster Rasmussen Reports finds that 57 percent of likely voters favor repealing Obamacare. That figure hasn't budged more than six percentage points in either direction since the plan was passed in March.

The simple truth is that the public doesn't like Obamacare and no amount of Democratic messaging is going to change their minds.

Rasmussen isn't the only pollster to portend bad news for Obamacare's supporters. The Kaiser Health Tracking Poll found that support for the law fell from 50 percent to 43 percent from July to August. The percentage of the public that said it held an unfavorable view of the law rose 10 points, to 45 percent.

4 weeks from Tuesday, POTUS will see the real "Change" that the voters want - his party getting the boot and the GOP getting control of Congress. The GOP aren't the smartest group of people we have, but they gotta be better than the CLOWNS who been running the show for the past 21 months. They have to be... no one could be much worse.

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