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Corporate Media Saturation of TSA News an Operation to Desenitize and Anger Population
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November 24, 2010

For several years we have covered stories surrounding the terrorists at the Transportation Security Agency. Two years ago, I correctly identified the TSA as a terrorist organization. After all, the TSA is an organization that has terrorized countless airline passengers but has yet to catch one real legitimate terrorist during this obviously fake war on terror. In many respects what's happening today is nothing new, the only difference is that people are being made more aware of their horrendous policies.

The greater amount of coverage this topic gets, the more people will be desensitized to it and the more likely they will accept it as a new reality.
Although it is important to cover stories that illustrate how individual freedom is being destroyed, the corporate media coverage of the naked body scanners and the groping of people's private parts at airport security checkpoints has reached such high levels of saturation that it seems to be part of a larger operation. It appears as if they are trying to desensitize the population to accepting the reality of sexual molestation and naked body scanners at airports by focusing so heavily on this one particular issue.

The greater amount of coverage this topic gets, the more people will be desensitized to it and the more likely they will accept it as a new reality. If not that, it will increase the chance that somebody becomes so angry that they will react in a violent manner to this obviously very diabolical form of enslavement.

That's not to say that these TSA horror stories aren't important because they are, it is just the volume of focus by the corporate media on this story is incredibly odd. They had years to cover this story, but only now are they deciding to dedicate the coverage that these Nazi Germany like checkpoints deserve. So like most everything that is depicted in the corporate media, there seems to be an obvious agenda here. Not only do they want to try and desensitize people to this new reality of enslavement but if that doesn't work they want people to get even more pissed off and upset.

It is painfully obvious with the government's justification of such ridiculous policies that they are trying to get people who are aware of what's going on to react violently so they can crack down on the average person further and enact even more anti-terror rules and regulations. No sane or rational person would think that strip searching a young child or tearing apart a man's piss bag is an effective tool at stopping terrorists even if you believe in the obviously phony terror war.

It doesn't matter that the underwear bomber was intentionally let on to a plane by a government agent without any proper documentation. Nor does it matter that initial reports of the packages in the so-called ink cartridge bomb plot showed no signs of explosives and that it appears as if the presence of explosives was entirely made up by the Obama administration. Nor does it matter that the so-called head of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula was reported having dinner at the Pentagon following the 9/11 attacks and is an obvious U.S. intelligence asset. None of this matters, because these people are in the business of creating reality and the fact that the U.S. government and the corporate media consistently use these two incidents as justification for the TSA's policies is an obvious sick joke.

The corporate media could have blown the whistle on countless credible experts expressing their concerns about the health risks surrounding the use of these body scanning devices months ago. They could have also revealed that people like George Soros and Michael Chertoff have benefitted greatly from the TSA's purchase of these body scanning devices through their involvement in Rapiscan a corporation responsible for creating these devices. Of course, instead of trying to provide legitimate coverage when we actually had a chance of preventing these devices from being installed in airports, we saw next to nothing on the subject from the talking heads on cable news or on the nightly news broadcasts.

We will certainly see more TSA horror story reports from the corporate media over protests at airports in which many people are planning to opt-out of going through the body scanners. The protesters hope that by choosing the sexual molestation option, it will create such great disruptions around the country that the TSA will reconsider their policies. Unfortunately, the TSA is likely not going to reconsider their policies especially considering that they have already spent millions on these body scanning devices. Nobody is going to want to admit that they made that big of a mistake which is why these body scanning devices aren't going to go anywhere. It is also very likely that they will continue sexually assaulting airline passengers judging from statements made by the head of the TSA John Pistole.

Even the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is hinting that we might see this type of bull shit security implemented at subway stops and other areas where mass transportation takes place. All of this is designed for your enslavement and the corporate media is doing their best to get people to either become desensitized to the insanity or to get people so upset that they will react violently. It is all part of the enslavement we now get to experience in what is falsely claimed to be a free country.

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