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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkNews from Around Banderas Bay | February 2009 

7th Annual National Charro Championship
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Don't miss the 7th Annual National Charro Championships at the Lienzo Charro Rodeo Grounds in Puerto Vallarta February 18th-22nd.
The National Charro Champions "Tequila Hacienda Vieja" will make an appearance in Vallarta along with 35 other charro teams, all competing for the 7th Annual National Charro Championships, taking place in Puerto Vallarta from February 18 to February 22, 2009.

"As is the tradition, this year we will have the presence of the Tequila Hacienda Vieja team. Given their brand new National Champion Team status their presence here will be a huge attraction for all the Charreria fans." Those are the words of Don Raúl Díaz Castillo and Don Daniel Ibarría López, two of the fundamental elements for the development of the 7th Annual National Charro Championship, Vallarta 2009, set to take place on the Pacific Coast from the 18th to the 22nd of February in Lienzo Charro Miguel "Prieto" Ibarría on the road to Rastro-Mojoneras.

It was also determined that this year the number of teams competing has been raised to 35, a considerable increase for an event that in its first championship - only seven years ago - had only 18 teams participating, and is now one of the three biggest championships of its kind in Mexico.

As a special treat a Children's Charro League competition has been organized for Thursday night. In this event, the current national champions, Tres Potrillos, along with the Rancho San Gabriel team, and the current third place Charros del Pitillal will be participating.

The championship will be honored with the presence of the women's team, the Escaramuzas; the leagues of La Providencia, Rancho Los Olivos - three time national champions, and Las Alteñitas de Guadalajara will be present.

Among the social events and the championships, we have the Verbena Popular held at the City Hall on Wednesday night, with folkloric dance preformed by the Xiutla Ballet, as well as a rope artist and a Mariachi singer.

Additionally, on Friday night (Feb 20, 2009) the Traditional Maleconeada will take place. A musical band will perform a tour in Vallarta's Malecon playing and dancing so that the guest charros enjoy the cheeriness and hospitality of our city.

General Program:

Wednesday February 18
3:00 pm Opening Ceremony
3:30 pm Carlos Sánchez Llaguno (Jal.), Regionales de Jalisco and Charros Vallarta - with a special performance by the Escaramuza Charra La Providencia.
7:00 pm Charro El Relicario (EdoMex.), Dos Ases de Ezequiel Peña (Nay.) and Charros de Vallarta
9:30 pm Tradicional Verbena Popular at City Hall

Thursday February 19
11:00 am Regionales de Tizayuca (Hgo.), Rancho Las Cuatas (Nay.), and Tapatía de Charros (Jal.)
3:00 pm Puente de Camotlan (Nay.), Rancho El Jaralito (SLP), and Rancho Agua Santa (Jal.)
7:00 pm Children's League Charreada with a special appearance of Los Tres Potrillos - National League Champions - Charros del Rancho San Gabriel, and Charros del Pitillal - National Third Place, along with the children's Escaramuza Charra La Providencia

Friday February 20
11:00 am Charros de Cuauhtémoc - (NL) Tres Regalos (Q. Roo), Tequila Hacienda Vieja (Jal) - National Champions - and San Martín Caballero (EdoMex).
2:30 pm Charros de Jalisco (Jal.) Hacienda Tamaríz (Pue.), Santa Fe de Valladolid, (Mich.) and Rancheros de Sonora, along with the Escaramuza Rancho Los Olivos (Jal.)
6:30 pm Charros de El Cócono (Mor.), Rancho La Biznaga (EdoMex), Rancho Nuevo de Tepa (Jal.) and Rancho El Quevedeño (Nay.)
Traditional Maleconeada starting at 10:00 pm

Saturday February 21
11:00 am Hacienda de Guadalupe (NL), Tequila Don Roberto (Jal.), Charros de Cuauhtémoc (NL) and San Martín Caballero (EdoMex)
3:00 pm Charros de Tracomsa (NL), Los Tres Potrillos (Jal.), Hacienda Naveja (Jal.) and Rancho El Edén (EdoMex)
7:00 pm Rancho El Olivo (DF), Regionales de Texcoco (EdoMex), Charros de Chalco 36, (EdoMex), and Charrería Lo Nuestro (DF)

Sunday February 22
11:00 am Ganadera Santa Isabel (Pue), Charros de Félix Flores de Texcoco, (EdoMex), Perla del Pacifico (BCN) and Los Tamaulipecos (Tams)
3:00 pm 1st Final Round Teams 1, 2, and 3
Special guests the Escaramuza Las Alteñitas from Jalisco, three times National Champions
6:00 pm 2nd Final Round Teams 4, 5, and 6. At the end of the two finales the 6 winning teams will be awarded with cash prizes and the 10 individual champions with horse riding equipment.

For more information, contact Raúl Díaz Hernández at 322-429-7996, NEXTEL: 621-347-204 or Adán Leyva Ávalos at 322-120-0678.

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