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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkNews from Around Banderas Bay | August 2009 

Vallarta Food Drive: Mission Accomplished
email this pageprint this pageemail usPamela Thompson - PVNN
August 04, 2009

Hundreds of families in the Puerto Vallarta area are thankful for the efforts being made to help them through these tough economic times. If you'd like to help, contact Pamela Thompson at pamela(at)
It is with a huge amount of pleasure and pride to announce that we now have sufficient funds to cover the DIF's Summer Food Distribution through September, as was the original goal when we started the Puerto Vallarta Community Food Drive back in May.

As I have said, never, in my wildest dreams, did I imagine that this would turn out to be the success that it has! And of course, without all of the people who have donated food, money, effort, sweat and helping hands, it would never have been accomplished.

The list of names is very, very, very long but you know who you are! Tim Longpré and his amazing PVRPV staff are the heroes! Rick and Sara Hepting, bravo, bravo! And Sid Goodman, you are a star! Each person that has contributed should shine your halos just a little bit. You have made these tough summer months for many here in the Vallarta area a tad bit easier.

This announcement is by no means the end of the helping hands needed. There will be two more "Packaging Parties" with dates to be announced in a couple of weeks. We will need you for these.

If there is any food left over, you can rest assured it will be distributed to those in need. The same with any leftover funds although, thanks to Tim's outstanding accounting, we are just about on the mark.

In September, we will send out the exact amount of what was collected, what was distributed - all the details. We feel that it is best to be up front about funds and make sure folks know we are now covered, which again, is fabulous!

As well, I urge you to attend the BINGO for Beans and Babies games held every Thursday through the end of September at "Bite Me!" Funds from these events go directly to Pasitos de Luz. It's always a fun evening with many surprises... all for a wonderful cause!

You can learn more about the Puerto Vallarta Summer Food Drive and BINGO for Beans and Babies right here on Puerto Vallarta's Liveliest Website, or visit on the fabulous PVRPV Blog for more information.
Pamela Thompson is a registered nurse who has lived in Puerto Vallarta for over 17 years, 10 of them in health care. Pamela now leads HealthCare Resources Puerto Vallarta, a local healthcare resource network. Her years of experience and expertise are available to you by emailing your questions to pamela(at) or by visiting

Click HERE to learn more about the health and well-being services offered by HealthCare Resources Puerto Vallarta.

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