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Jorge Lenin Wins Main MMA Event WFL 4 "Warriors Fight 4 Life" at Collage Friday
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Jorge Lenin of Michoacan after his victory in the main event in just 50 seconds of the first round. He won on a submission hold and his opponent was forced to tap out.
Tae Muay Gym owner and Master Jesus Gonzalez put together a very successful ten bout mixed martial arts (MMA) fight card that was held at the Collage Club in front of a large crowd at the Marina on Friday, April, 9th. This was fought in a six sided cage and is the same style as the popular MMA/UFC fighting that has been captivating fight fans around the world.

There were originally 14 fights scheduled but the card was reduced to ten bouts; six amateur and four professional. Three Puerto Vallarta gyms were represented and fighters traveled from other cities as well. Four different cities made the trip. Guadalajara, Tepic, Aguascalientes and La Piedad, Michoacan were all represented.

The amateur fight were three rounds, two minutes each and the fighters wore no headgear as previously reported, but did have fighting restrictions that the professionals did not have. They also used eight ounce gloves.

Alfredo "El Bruss" with Professor Santiago Manzanares after a brutal kick to the head three minutes into the first round caused a knockout and victory for the popular local fighter.
The six amateur bouts were first up beginning at 8:00 PM and Master Jesus Gonzalez' fighters won all four of the bouts they participated in. Andres "El Terrible" Anton won the opener with a 2nd round knockout and Miguel Gutierrez followed with another 2nd round KO, both from Tae Muay Gym. The third bout saw a decision won by Miguel Angel of Sityongong Gym Vallarta run by Professor Cesar Palomera. The next fight saw Tae Muay Gym's Gildardo Martinez win a very close split decision; in fact it was so close that the referee raised the wrong fighter's hand.

Two Tepic amateurs did battle and Jesus Llamas of Manghkon Tepic Gym won another close split decision. The final amateur fight of the evening saw the popular Eduardo "El Doberman" Gallardo of the Tae Muay Gym fight Isaac Rodriguez of Guadalajara. Gallardo was behind on points after two rounds and it appeared that he needed a knockout or submission in the 3rd and final round. The 10 second warning lights came on as Gallardo was mounting a vicious offensive attack, but time wasn't on his side. To the amazement of everyone at the Collage, his opponent tapped out with just two seconds remaining in the fight. The final amateur bout was a thriller.

"El Bruss" was in control the whole fight and set up the finishing kick that led to the first round KO.
There was an entertainment break before the four professional bouts began and shirts and other prizes were given away as well as music filling the Club. The professional fights had different rules. There were also three rounds, but were a grueling five minutes each with a one minute rest between rounds. The fighters wore four ounce gloves, virtually nothing in reality and more aggressive fighting tactics were permitted.

The first professional fight had Mahatma "La Arana" Garcia of Tepic facing Alfredo "El Bruss" of Puerto Vallarta's Round Dragon Gym, with Professor Santiago Manzanares in his corner. The two were feeling each other out during the first 90 seconds and then Garcia began to mount a bit of an offense. Just a minute later at the 3 minute mark of the opening round "El Bruss" landed a brutally hard kick to the head that dropped him to the canvas. He was counted out and the local Vallarta fighter won via a 1st round KO.

Puerto Vallarta fighter Eduardo "El Doberman" Gallardo with Profesor Jesus Gonzalez in the final amatuer bout of the night and clearly the most exciting. He was trailing with 10 seconds left in the fight when his late assualt caused Issac Rodriguez of Guadalajara to tap out with just 2 seonds remaining in the bout.
The next bout featured Marco Polo "El Torito" Reyes of PV's Tae Muay Gym against David "El Chino" Chaves of Guadalajara. From the opening bell in the first round Reyes totally dominated his opponent and at the 4 minute mark the referee had to step in and call the fight as the local fighter won via a 1st round TKO.

The undercard top fight pitted Jorge "Warman" Martinez of Guadalajara against Spencer Gutierrez of Aguascalientes in a 70 Kilo bout. Gutierrez dominated the first round; always the first to take his opponent to the canvas and was the fresher, more energetic fighter. As the bell rang for the 2nd round, Martinez couldn't come out to safely defend himself, thus the 3rd consecutive pro bout ended in the first round with the Aguascalientes fighter the winner.

The main event featured Alejandro El "Diablito" Perez from Aguascalientes against Jorge Lenin from Michoacan in the 63 Kilo division. Prior to the bout Lenin was so eager and active to fight while Perez was extremely calm. One never knows in a fight who is the better fighter; at times the relaxed, calmer fighter methodically takes his opponent apart. This wasn't the case however, as Lenin was on him from the opening bell and got him in a submission hold just 50 seconds into the fight for the main event victory.

The action at WFL 4 was a big success and great for the fans. All four professional fights were ended in the first round, but when Jesus announces WFL 5 there will be fighters there to challenge Friday night's winners.

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