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Sculptor Jim Demetro Opens Gallery in PV's Old Town

January 11, 2018

Take time to wander through The Demetro Gallery on Lazaro Cardenas, right across from the Park on Vallarta's south side. You'll be amazed at the artistic work displayed. (Photography by James R. Callan)

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Several months ago, sculptor Jim Demetro and his wife Eva discovered a long vacant building on Lazaro Cardenas right across from the Park. It looked terrible, but they could see the potential. Today, it is a lovely, bright, attractive gallery, The Demetro Gallery.

Most of us are familiar with Jim Demetro. He is the talented artist who has donated to the people of Vallarta such monumental pieces as the Vallarta Dancers, one of the most photographed sculptures on the Malecón, and Andale Bernardo, the bronze of a burro being pulled and pushed by small boys, that enhances the Lazaro Cardenas Park. It is also a favorite photo spot, particularly those with small children who can, and do, climb on the back of the burro for a great photo.

Part of the motivation to establish the Demetro Gallery was to have a permanent place for the classes that Demetro gives. These five-day sessions come in the beginner and advanced versions. The results that the students achieve are amazing. Many of the beginner students realize such results that their work is actually cast into bronze or resin pieces. The beginner class requires no experience.

In addition to exhibiting many of his own creations, the Demetro Gallery also showcases work from a number of Vallarta's best artists, including oil paintings, water colors, sculptures, tiles, and other works. There are original paintings by Bill White, as well as recreations of many Bill White paintings by the Giclée process that produces high quality reproductions of the work on canvas.

This year marks the twentieth-fifth year as a sculptor for Jim Demetro. In his earlier years, he had traveled the world as a process control engineer. Long trips in Europe exposed him to the inspiring work of Michelangelo, da Vinci, Donatello, Bernini, Rodin and others. Demetro returned to the U.S., left his job, and combined both artistry and technical skills to produce some truly incredible pieces. He has more than fifty-five larger-than-life, public pieces throughout the U.S. and Mexico. He has been awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award, the highest award for artists in Southwest Washington State. Throughout this journey, Jim has been encouraged by his lovely wife Eva Demetro. And she is a strong supporter and assistant in running this new gallery.

Demetro so believed in the Mexican people he wanted to create pieces that capture the spirit of the people. He has donated these to the city, and the city provides a place for maximum exposure to its citizens and visitors.

His latest work is "The Fishermen," a complex piece consisting of a man and small boy, sleeping by the pier, with a dog, a cat, and a pelican all interested in the fish the man and boy have caught. He is working on the life-size piece in the gallery. Visitors are encouraged to come in and participate by making a donation and then placing a small piece of clay on the large piece. He has also created a small version of this piece. The small statue is available for purchase, with the proceeds helping fund the expense of the life-sized piece. This piece is a joint effort between Jim Demetro and Christina Demetro, his daughter. She is an accomplished sculptor in her own right, with many of her pieces on display in the northwest and Alaska.

The Demetro Gallery is open Monday through Saturday. It is closed on Sunday. To see some truly inspiring art, take some time to wander through this new gallery. You will be amazed at the artistic work displayed. And take a minute to meet both Jim and Eva, most gracious hosts.

Jim Demetro's email address is: jimdemetro1(at) His telephone number in Puerto Vallarta is: 222-3411 ext. 601.