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RAVA: US Overseas Voter Mini-FAQ
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The US Midterm Election is nearing: September 1st you'll only have about 38 days left for your completed overseas voter registration form to arrive in your jurisdiction, as most states require your overseas voter registration form 30 days in advance of Election Day. If you haven't done it yet, register and request your absentee ballot now!

Let's not let a simple question stand between you and voting this year. Here are the Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions that we receive from voters like you.

1. What is the registration deadline in my state?

Check OVF’s state-by-state listing of 2006 VOTER REGISTRATION DEADLINES. The list gives the day by which your completed form must arrive. Click here

2. How do I register to vote from overseas?

Go to RAVA - Registration and Absentee Voter Application – provided online by the nonpartisan, nonprofit Overseas Vote Foundation.
Click here

3. How long can I wait to register from overseas?

Don't delay! Overseas registrations often need more time for processing. Remember, your ballot must be sent to you in time for you to complete and return it. Build in some buffer time.

4. How do I confirm that I am still registered to vote?

Go to the OVF ELECTION OFFICIAL DIRECTORY lookup service. Call or email your local election office back in your hometown to request a confirmation. Click here

Coming soon: the Can I Vote? website - although designed for domestic voters, its list of states and counties that provide online registration checks is a resource which overseas voters can also use.

5. If I voted in the US in the last election, am I still registered?

Make no assumptions. If you registered from overseas before, it is recommended that you register again to be on the safe side. If you just moved abroad, you must “register from overseas” and provide your election official with your new address overseas. It's easy to do: just go online to RAVA - Registration and Absentee Voter Application – and you will be prompted for the required information for your particular state and to print, sign and mail the RAVA-generated form to the election office address provided. Your ballot will be sent to your new address! Click here

6. I received my ballot for the 2006 Primaries – do I still need to re-register?

If you received a ballot for the Primaries, then you are already registered for the November 2006 General Election. No need to register again this year.

7. Where can I find answers to more detailed voting questions?

A complete FAQ is available through Overseas Vote Foundation. Click the FAQ link along the footer of any RAVA registration page.

8. I have another question – who do I ask?

The OVF VOTER HELP DESK is the place to go with your voting questions. Click here

9. Where do I go for candidate information?

Nonpartisan organizations that offer candidate information include PROJECT VOTE SMART and THE LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS through their voter guides.

10. How do I let others know about Overseas Vote Foundation and RAVA for registration?

The OVF TELL-A-FRIEND service makes it easy to inform friends about the possibility to register to vote from overseas with online assistance. Click here

Click here for OVF's Latest Newsletter

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