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Washington Post Exposes BP Ties to Eco-Groups, Other Media Ignore Controversy
Julia A. Seymour

Nature Conservancy and other left-wing environmental organizations accepted millions from oil giant, while broadcast networks remain silent.

FCC Asked to Monitor "Hate Speech," "Misinformation" Online
Matthew Lasar

Over thirty organizations want the Federal Communications Commission to open up a probe on "hate speech" and "misinformation" in media.

Michigan Considers Law to License Journalists
Jana Winter

A Michigan lawmaker wants to license reporters to ensure they’re credible and vet them for “good moral character.”

U.S. Poets in Mexico 2011 in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Sheila Lanham

With a talented community of poets from the U.S. and Mexico, 80-degree days and stunning beaches with a clear, turquoise surf - the January 2011 workshops will be one of our most thought provoking AND relaxing events to date!

Honduras Journalists Under Attack
The Real News Network

At least eight journalists have been murdered in Honduras in less than three months. The killings have raised concerns over the safety of reporters, especially those working on stories about human rights abuses.

40 Years Ago: Police Kill Two Students at Jackson State in Mississippi
Amy Goodman & Juan Gonzalez

Four decades ago, four students were killed at Kent State University when National Guardsmen opened fire on hundreds of unarmed students. The killings received national media attention and are still remembered forty years later. But the media has largely forgotten what happened just ten days after the Kent State shootings.

John Nichols: A Democratic Media
Rose Aguilar

What will it take to create a democratic healthy media? You know how dire the situation is: daily newspapers are closing, Washington bureaus are shuttering, whole areas of federal, state, and local governments are now operating with zero press coverage, international bureaus are disappearing, the list goes on.

Media Glosses Over New Kent State Smoking Gun
Steve Watson

Newly released audio evidence provides definitive proof of government order to shoot Ohio anti-war protestors dead.

The iPad Won't Save Media
Zach Roberts

So will the iPad be the savior of the news industry? Or just another $500 down the drain for this news junkie? I'm a voracious consumer of news - everything from Truthout, the Wall Street Journal to gizmodo . . . occasionally even sports.

Washington’s Invented Honduran Democracy
The Council on Hemispheric Affairs

President of Newspaper Guild joins The Center on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA) in expressing their extreme concern over the ongoing massacre of Honduran journalists.

Press Freedom Falls Around the World
Howard LaFranchi

There are bright spots regarding press freedom, but there's been an overall decline for eight straight years, according to a new report. Other political and social freedoms may be waning, too.

Pressure Mounts on Honduras as Journalist Death Toll Rises
Thelma Mejía

Honduran President Porfirio Lobo plans to seek help from police forces in Colombia and the United States to try to solve the murders of seven journalists committed in the space of less than two months, which will also be investigated by a delegation from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights next month.

Internet Spreads Mexico Drug Gang Fears
Sophie Nicholson

The Internet is playing a growing role in Mexico's drug war, spreading both information and fear, at a time when many journalists have been scared into silence.

Journalism's Parasites
David Sirota

No matter how much this week's Pulitzer Prize triumphalism hides it, the fact remains that journalism these days is "a disaster," as Ted Koppel said recently. And unfortunately, retrospection dominates the news industry's self-analysis.

Mexico Proposes Citizen-Watchdog for Media
Yvonne Reyes Campos

Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, a member of the Labor Party (PT) parliamentary group in the Chamber of Deputies will promote a reform initiative to several articles of the Constitution in order to establish the foundations of an autonomous citizen institution, created by the Congress, that would regulate radio, television and telecommunication concessions and permits.

Kidnapped Mexican Journalist Found with Throat Slit
Associated Press

The body of a kidnapped Mexican journalist has been found with his throat slit, federal prosecutors said Sunday.

Wikileaks Releases Video Depicting US Forces Killing of Two Reuters Journalists in Iraq
Dan Murphy

A video released on the Internet Monday by WikiLeaks, a small nonprofit dedicated to publishing classified information from the US and other governments, appears to show the killing of two Iraqi journalists with Reuters and about nine other Iraqis in a Baghdad suburb in 2007 that is sharply at odds of the official US account of the incident.

Honduras: Deadliest Month Ever for Reporters
Thelma Mejía

Reporters in Honduras have long complained about gag laws, threats, exile and attacks. But never before have so many journalists been killed in one month.

Helen Thomas on Gender and Journalism
The Real News Network

DC's most experienced journalist speaks out on Feminism, McCarthyism and the White House Press Corps.

Chile: A Newspaper Of and For 'the Voiceless'
Daniela Estrada

Diario Uno, a newspaper with an innovative business model put out by a group of journalists and academics, went on sale Sunday in Chile, promising to provide a voice for those who do not feel represented by the country's economic model nor by the mainstream media.

Helen Thomas on White House Press Corps
The Real News Network

Thomas: Most press rolled over and played dead during Bush years, press was gung-ho to go to war.

2 Journalists Killed in Honduras, 5 this Month
Associated Press

Two journalists have been shot to death in eastern Honduras, bringing to five the number of media workers killed in the Central American country this month.

Izzy Award Winner Jeremy Scahill: "We're At a Ground Zero Moment to Save Real Journalism"
Byard Duncan

The winner of the second annual Izzy Award, named after muckraking journalist I.F. Stone, discusses independent media and this critical moment in journalism.

Ecuador Journalist Convicted of Insulting Official
Associated Press

A district court judge convicted a newspaper editorial writer Friday of insulting the head of the Ecuador government's National Financial Corp. and sentenced him to three years in prison.

Reforma CEO Says Journalists Hunted in Mexico
David Hendricks

Alejandro Junco de la Vega, president and CEO of Mexico’s Grupo Reforma, which publishes newspapers in Monterrey, Mexico City and Guadalajara, answers questions about the drug-related violence in Mexico.

Journalists Murdered in Mexico and Honduras
Roy Greenslade

Still more journalists are being murdered in Mexico, making it the most dangerous country for reporters in 2010. Drug cartels appear to be killing journalists with impunity.

Fear Muzzles Journalists on US Border
Lynn Brezosky

In Reynosa, reporters and photographers live under two rulers: the elected officials who may be corrupt; and narcotraffickers who set the guidelines on what can — and can't — be reported.

Journalist Killed in Southern Mexico, 4th in 2010
Associated Press

A journalist has been killed in southern Mexico, the fourth slain in the country so far this year. The leader of the journalists union in Guerrero state says Evaristo Pacheco worked for the regional weekly Vision Informativa.

Over Half Your News is Spin

Today Crikey launches an investigation six months in the making. Spinning the Media is an investigation in conjunction with the University of Technology (UTS) Sydney into the role PR plays in making the media.

Targeted by Drug Cartels, Reporters in Mexico Retreat
Marc Lacey

Does a shootout actually happen if the newspapers print nothing about it, the radio and television stations broadcast nothing, and the authorities never confirm that it occurred?

Press Group: 8 Reporters Kidnapped in Reynosa, Mexico
Mark Stevenson

Eight journalists were kidnapped in a northern Mexican border city over a period of two weeks in a wave of abductions unprecedented in the Western Hemisphere, the Inter-American Press Association reported.

Journalistic Shoplifting
Clark Hoyt

Zachery Kouwe, a Times business reporter for a little over a year, resigned last month after he was accused of plagiarizing from The Wall Street Journal. An internal review of his work turned up more articles — he said he was shown four — containing copy clearly lifted from other news sources.

Small Foreign News Staffs Threaten US Democracy
Tom Fenton

Recently, I sadly said goodbye to former colleagues who were fired in another round of cost cutting by CBS News. The CBS London bureau now stands half empty, and the dwindling band of survivors wonder who will go next.

Mexican Police Say Drug Hit Men Killed Journalist
Associated Press

A long-missing journalist in the Gulf coast state of Tabasco was killed by a drug cartel's hit men who dissolved his body in acid, Mexican authorities said.

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