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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkHealth & Beauty | May 2009 

Dr. Alejandro Rios Talks About the Swine Flu - Part 5
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Video Update: Friday, May 1, 2009 (Video Diva Productions)

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On April 29, 2009, BanderasNews video journalist Laura Gelezunas sat down with Dr. Alejandro Rios, a local Internal Medicine Doctor and member of the Puerto Vallarta Epidemiology Committee, to talk about the Swine Flu, and what to do if you have influenza-like symptoms. Here's what he had to say:

"You cannot hear it enough, stay calm, donít go to places where there are a lot of people, wash your hands and if you are sick, stay home!

Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems happening (is that people with mild flu-like symptoms are going to the hospital,) and WHO (World Health Organization) has made it very clear, if you have an influenza-like illness, what we call the 'ILI,' and itís mild, donít go to the doctor and donít go to a hospital, stay home.

Donít go to the hospital and pile up in the waiting room where you can actually infect other people. Thatís what has been happening in many places, especially Mexico City. If you go to the hospitals, there are armed guards not letting people into the hospital, at least in Mexico City. So people with mild symptoms should stay at home and get some rest.

Do it like you did before this flu scare. Stay home, stay calm, and if anything gets worse, call your doctor... especially if you have persistent fever of 101-102į for more than two to three days and if you have any respiratory symptoms, severe, like shortness of breath. These are the two main things that you need to be worried about, (if you have these symptoms) you need to seek assistance and get treatment."

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Should you be afraid to travel to Puerto Vallarta? Health Care Resources Puerto Vallarta's Pamela Thompson has the latest news and health reports from around Banderas Bay. (Click HERE for local swine flu updates)

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