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A New Effective Strategy for Treating Tobacco Addiction
Zhao Baolu

After 20 years of innovative research, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed a novel tea filter to treat cigarette addiction and have discovered the molecular mechanism behind the smoking cessation effect.

Number of US Soldiers Seeking Opiate Abuse Treatment Skyrockets
Judson Berger

The number of American soldiers seeking treatment for opiate abuse has skyrocketed over the past five years, at a time when the U.S. military has been surging forces into the heart of the world's leading opium producer.

Mexico's First Lady Touts Drug Programs
Diana Washington Valdez

Mexico's first lady Margarita Zavala visited Juárez on Thursday to promote an agreement aimed at helping drug addicts.

3 Reasons to Legalize Pot Now!

As the United States enters its 72nd year of marijuana prohibition, it's time to consider legalizing pot once and for all, for at least three reasons.

Why Drug Addicts Are Getting Sterilized for Cash
William Lee Adams

With many addicts, the road to recovery begins with counseling and a drug rehabilitation program. Less orthodox, however, is the decision to undergo a tubal ligation.

Debating California Marijuana Legalization

Dr. Jennifer Ashton addresses California's proposed Marijuana legalization with experts from both sides of the contentious issue.

Smoking May Counteract Benefit Of Moderate Drinking on Stroke Risk
Rachel Seroka

New research finds any beneficial effect of drinking moderate amounts of alcohol on stroke may be counteracted by cigarette smoking, according to research that will be presented as part of the late-breaking science program at the American Academy of Neurology's 62nd Annual Meeting.

More Proof: Smoking Is Dumb
Tel Aviv University

"Only dopes use dope," goes the memorable warning about drugs. Now a Tel Aviv University researcher cautions that the same goes for cigarettes.

Study Shows Compulsive Eating Shares Addictive Biochemical Mechanism with Cocaine, Heroin Abuse
Keith McKeown

In a newly published study, scientists from The Scripps Research Institute have shown for the first time that the same molecular mechanisms that drive people into drug addiction are behind the compulsion to overeat, pushing people into obesity.

Mexico Bristles as Some U.S. States Relax Marijuana Laws
Tim Johnson

As more U.S. states permit medical marijuana, and California considers legalizing cannabis sales to adults, Mexico is voicing irritation at the gap between drug laws north and south of the border and saying it undercuts the battle against Mexico's violent drug cartels.

Clinic Opens for Children Addicted to Video Games and the Internet
David Rose

Doctors claim to have opened the first dedicated clinic in Britain to treat children addicted to video games and other technology.

Mexico Is Warned on Drug Detector
Marc Lacey

The British government has notified Mexico that a handheld device widely used by the Mexican military and police to search for drugs and explosives may be ineffective, British officials said.

Russia Criticizes U.S., NATO Over Afghan Drug Trafficking Fight
Associated Press

Russia's envoy to NATO has sharply criticized the alliance's shift away from fighting drug trafficking in Afghanistan, saying the resulting surge in heroin smuggling is endangering Russia's national security.

Mexico Seeks to Prevent Drunk Driving
The News

During the first semester of this year, alcohol tests will be enforced in 47 cities of the country, in accordance with the Mexican Road Security Initiative, a federal program seeking to prevent drunk driving and road accidents.

Winning Addiction
Phil Hoskins

Addictions are the hot topic lately, what with famous figures populating rehab facilities like some of us take vacations, the psychological community debating what is and what is not an addiction, and the question of whether behavior is by choice or by nature. I would like to add a category that in my opinion is the most problematic of all — the American addiction to win.

In Mexico, Smoking Still a Major Problem
Magnolia Velázquez

The Health Secretariat will reinforce its fight against tobacco addiction through determined actions, such as, printing on cigarette packs explicit messages and pictures showing the severe health damage caused by smoking.

Obesity Surpasses Smoking as Top Health Threat: U.S. Study
Allison Cross

Obesity is now a bigger overall threat to people’s health than smoking, according to results of the longest ongoing health study of adults in the United States.

U.S., Mexico Join Efforts To Combat Drug Traffic

Liane Hansen speaks with Gil Kerlikowske, the Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, about recent efforts to stem the flow of drugs from Mexican by decreasing the demand in the U.S.

US-Mexico: Escalating Drug Violence Rooted in Northern Demand
Matthew Berger

As the war over health care continues in Washington and a war of a bloodier nature heats up in Ciudád Juárez and elsewhere in Mexico, top U.S. and Mexican officials are hoping to reduce both pressures on the health system and the ongoing bloodshed.

New Smoking Cessation Therapy Proves Promising
Debbe Geiger

A novel technology for delivering nicotine to the lungs may soon give smokers a new way to kick the habit.

US, Mexico Align to Reduce Drug Use
José López Zamorano

Mexico and the United States agreed Thursday to reduce the abuse of illicit drugs and its consequences on public health by establishing national, bilateral and regional measures.

Mexico, U.S. Reject Drug Legalization
The News

Mexican Health Secretary José Ángel Córdova Villalobos declared on Feb. 23 that the Mexican government is against the legalization of drugs. Córdova Villalobos’ point of view coincides with the vision of American antidrug “czar” Gil Kerlikowske, who believes keeping drugs illegal is the the best way to reduce drug use.

Marijuana Laws Loosen Gradually Around the Globe

During a recent rise in drug violence along the Mexican border, many critics of the drug war have called for a change in U.S. policy toward marijuana use. Worldfocus compares current marijuana policy throughout the U.S. to policy in Europe and the rest of the world.

Black-Tar Heroin Lures New Users

Los Angeles Times reporter Sam Quinones has written a three-part series exploring how the recent trend in cheap, less-refined heroin from Mexico is displacing Colombian heroin and attracting new users in places where no demand existed.

New Mexico House Passes Drug Treatment Measure
Susan Montoya Bryan

People facing drug possession charges in New Mexico would have the option of treatment rather than jail time under a measure that narrowly passed the House on Tuesday, two days after lawmakers resurrected the failed measure.

The Good Life in Xalisco Can Mean Death in the United States
Sam Quinones

The poorest of Mexico's poor can step up to the middle class when they go north to sell black tar heroin.

Quitting Smoking Especially Difficult for Select Groups
Audrey Hamilton

With the national trend toward quitting smoking flat, psychologists are finding some success with treatments aimed at helping smokers from underserved groups, including racial and ethnic minorities and those with psychiatric disorders.

Can US Drug Policy Prevent Reefer Madness?
Elizabeth Best

Raise your hand if you've consumed an alcoholic beverage or smoked marijuana in the last month. Raise your hand if you abstained from using alcohol until you were of legal age. Now, raise your hand if you refrained from smoking pot in the last month because it's illegal. Anyone?

Luxury Mexican Drug Rehab Clinic Lures U.S. Addicts
Robin Emmott

Charging a third of the price of upscale clinics in the United States, a luxury rehab center aimed at foreigners opened recently at a posh hotel in the city of Monterrey about 100 miles from Texas.

Tobacco Control is Most Cost-Effective Way to Prevent Cancer
Rama Kant

The occurrence of certain diseases due to lifestyle changes like diabetes, respiratory/cardiac diseases, tobacco related disease and cancer, has now been recognized, and public health programmes are also being initiated against them. But these are few and far between.

On The Gentle Path, Too: A Dispatch From The Front Lines Of Sex Addiction

Anonymous, a porn addict, is a longtime Deadspin reader and commenter who will soon enter the same sex-rehabilitation facility where Tiger Woods is reportedly receiving treatment. Here, Anonymous explains his own addiction and why Tiger's treatment is no PR ploy.

Nursing Students Twice as Likely to Smoke as the General Population
Annette Whibley

Public health experts are calling for urgent steps to reduce the number of healthcare professionals who smoke, after a survey of over 800 new nursing students found that more than half were current or former smokers.

New Drug Law Changes Little in Mexico
Dennis Wagner

Beneath a lofty debate, cops, treatment counselors, government officials, researchers and addicts interviewed last month said there have been no discernible changes related to the new law.

Chinese Enslave Addicts in 'Rehab Centres'
Andrew Jacobs

Created in 2008 as part of a reform effort to grapple with the country's growing narcotics problem, the centres have become de facto penal colonies where inmates are sent to factories and farms, fed substandard food and denied basic medical care, lawyers and drugs, experts have claimed.

New Info for Vallarta 12 Step Groups

The local Alano Club recently released new locations, schedules and contact information for Banderas Bay area Self-Help 12 Step Groups: AA, ALANON, NA, CODA, OA and NIC.ANON. Click HERE for more info.

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