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US Tech Giants Shift AI Chip Production to Mexico

Artificial intelligence chip manufacturing is expanding to Mexico, with US tech companies investing in the country as a new hub for production. This shift comes alongside a broader trend of nearshoring, where businesses relocate production closer to core markets.

Grupo Coppel and Home Depot Announce Major Investments in Mexico

Grupo Coppel and The Home Depot have revealed significant investment plans for Mexico in 2024. These retail giants are investing billions of pesos in store expansion, renewable energy, and digital experiences. Expect more jobs, greener practices, and a wider variety of products for Mexican consumers.

Money Sent Home to Mexico Continues to Rise, But Buying Power Slips

Remittances sent to Mexico continued to increase steadily in February 2024, rising by 3.7% compared to the same month last year. This follows a record-breaking 46 months of uninterrupted growth. However, the strengthening peso and inflation mean that Mexican families are actually receiving less money in real terms.

Mexico Sees Investment Surge in First Quarter of 2024

According to Mexican officials, investment commitments for the period January-mid-March 2024 surpassed $31 billion. This surge is linked to companies seeking to establish manufacturing and supply chains in Mexico, capitalizing on the trend of nearshoring.

Amazon Mexico to Open New Shipping Warehouse in Nuevo Le贸n

Amazon Mexico announced plans to open a new shipping center in Apodaca, Nuevo Le贸n, that will create over 500 jobs. The new shipping center, known as MTY2, will not only serve Amazon's core business but also empower local small and medium-sized businesses (PyMEs) to grow their e-commerce presence.

Sundance Film Festival Coming to Mexico City in April

The prestigious Sundance Film Festival, known for showcasing independent cinema, is coming to Mexico City for the first time. The 2024 edition took place in Park City, Utah in January, but a selection of the year's best films will be screened at Cin茅polis theaters in Mexico City from April 25 to 28.

Mexico Eagerly Anticipates Spectacular Total Solar Eclipse of 2024

On April 8, 2024, Mexico will be graced with one of the most anticipated astronomical events of the year: a total solar eclipse. This celestial phenomenon will cast its shadow across the northern part of the American continent, starting in the Pacific Ocean, traversing northern Mexico, the eastern United States, and Canada.

Guadalajara Airport Soars Towards Completion of Expansion Project

The Guadalajara International Airport is on the verge of completing a transformative five-year expansion project (2020-2024) with a total investment of 15 billion pesos. This ambitious initiative aims to solidify Guadalajara's position as a leading western Mexico aviation hub and capitalize on Mexico City's decongestion efforts.

US Department of Agriculture Opens Office in Guadalajara, Mexico

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) officially opened its newest Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) office in Guadalajara, Mexico on March 11, 2024. This expansion strengthens the agricultural trade relationship between the U.S. and Mexico, which reached a record $76 billion in 2023.

New Vaccine Could End the Increase in Dengue Cases in Mexico

With Dengue cases on the rise in Mexico, the potential of a new vaccine 鈥 Butantan-DV - offers hope, considering the 368% increase in infections in February. This Brazilian-developed, single-dose vaccine demonstrated promising preliminary results in a Phase 3 trial involving participants aged 2 to 59.
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