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Living in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

For many the thought of living in - or even near - a major tourist resort is about as appealing as a buying a condo in Disneyland. But here in Vallarta, the incredible natural beauty, combined with a small town atmosphere and the inherent warmth and friendliness of the local people, attracts foreign residents who enjoy the good life.

With a colorful blend of the old and the new, the Banderas Bay region offers an unrivaled combination of simple pleasures and sophisticated charms. Fine dining restaurants, art galleries, upscale shopping centers, internet cafes and nightclubs peacefully coexist alongside taco stands, street-side vendors and open air markets selling Mexican handcrafts, and strolling Mariachi bands.

But much of Puerto Vallarta’s magic is in the hearts of her people. Often described as “one big, happy family,” Vallartenses are known for their hospitality and for going out of their way to welcome foreign residents. And, since the Mexican people are extremely tolerant of different lifestyles, international residents and Mexican locals can live side-by-side in harmony – provided that the expatriate can learn to be creative and adaptable.

Puerto Vallarta is an unhurried refuge for people seeking more than just a beautiful beach. Those of us who choose to live here embrace the challenge of learning patience and understanding. Taking the time to “stop and smell the roses” along the road to becoming bicultural gives us the opportunity to grow – and to enjoy a more relaxed way of life.


Merchants Return to PV’s Río Cuale Municipal Market

Most of the Mercado Río Cuale vendors that had to temporarily relocate to Parque Hidalgo while repairs were being made to the building, which was affected by the flooding of the Cuale River after Hurricane Nora, have returned to work in their locales on the municipal market’s premises. Around a dozen of them will now work from booths on Encino Street.

GivingTuesday the Perfect Opportunity to Support RISE

November 30 is 'GivingTuesday,' an opportunity for people around the world to come together through generosity in all its forms. If you are looking for a great cause to support this GivingTuesday we hope you will think of the children at RISE, a shelter in Puerto Vallarta for children who are 'at risk' at home or have no home.

Pasitos de Luz Fashion Charity Luncheon at River Café

After last year's event was cancelled due to Covid, Deja New's Kathleen Palmer is back for a Fashion Charity Luncheon at The River Café with all proceeds going to Pasitos de Luz, which provides full-time, loving day care, nutrition and therapy to children with acute physical or psychological illnesses at NO COST to their families.

Try These Self-Care Methods to Reduce Holiday Stress

The winter holiday season can be stressful. Prolonged higher levels of stress cause inflammation, aggravating existing illnesses and conditions and compromising the immune system. This is why we need to double our efforts for self-care at this time. These three simple techniques will help you manage stress at home and while traveling.

Easy Recipes Give New Life to Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving is one of the most anticipated meals of the year. But the day after? Leftover central. Once you've had your fill of standard turkey sandwiches, try a couple of these delicious recipes that will make your leftover turkey, sides, and sauces taste absolutely nothing like the holiday.

Remember AFCC in your Thanksgiving Celebrations

Aid to Families of Children With Cancer is a non-profit organization that supports 22 Puerto Vallarta families who have a child diagnosed with cancer. As you celebrate today, what better way to show you are thankful for your good health than to donate to a family whose child is undergoing cancer treatments?

A New Season at the Demetro Gallery in Puerto Vallarta

Several years ago, sculptor Jim Demetro and his wife Eva opened an art Gallery at Lazaro Cardenas 169 in the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta. In addition to exhibiting many of his own creations, he also showcases work from a number of local artists. Here, he tells us what is happening at the Gallery this season.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Agent’s FREE Dream Retirement Webinar

If you have dreamed of moving to Mexico but don't know where to start, or are just curious about purchasing property in Mexico, join Timothy Real Estate Group's Taniel Chemsian and Modern Aging's Risa Morimoto for the FREE Dream Retirement in Mexico webinar on December 9, 12 or 14, 2021.

Mexico One of the World’s Most Extraordinary Countries

It’s hard to get an accurate account or experience of Mexico without visiting and spending real time in this incredible country first-hand. There are many reasons why more and more people are choosing to buy homes here and deciding to change their whole lives by moving here and living amidst its magic.

‘Frida VI’ FUNdraiser to Save Puerto Vallarta Animals

Tickets are on sale now for one of the holiday season's most popular events - Casa Yvonneka's FUNdraiser for Puerto Vallarta Animals. This fabulous costume party with a cause will be held on December 11 at Casa Yvonneka, a luxurious villa overlooking Banderas Bay.