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Live the lifestyle of your choice in the stunningly beautiful Bay of Banderas, which comprises over 50 miles of pristine coastline between Yelapa, Jalisco to the south and Rincon de Guayabitos, Nayarit to the north.

Not only do we enjoy peace and tranquility, weather on par with Hawaii’s, lushly undulating mountains ripe with flora and fauna, beaches ideal for every water sport and some of the world’s best fishing, but the sophisticated restaurants, shops, services and infrastructure of Puerto Vallarta.
The smart way to check out the scene is to rent a furnished place for a while. In all shapes and sizes with all amenities – or just basic, if you prefer – no need to spend a fortune on hotels while you look around. Go to rentals at this site and see what we mean!
Foreigners can own property along the coast by having a bank as trustee. Puerto Vallarta has had a real estate association for several years and in May, 2000, the Banderas Board of Realty was formed to bind its member agents to ethics and standards. Several English-speaking lawyers capably handle real estate transactions, some of whom have been trained both here and in the U.S.
Housing runs the gamut, from funky little Mexican-style bungalows starting at around $100k USD to nicely furnished beachfront condos at $200k and up, to million dollar homes so architecturally stunning they’ve been featured in Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and are priced accordingly.
Not in a position to make the move down here yet? You might consider investing in a lot while prices are still accessible and building later. Or buying and then renting for those months you can’t be here.


Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Agent’s FREE Dream Retirement Webinar

If you have dreamed of moving to Mexico but don't know where to start, or are just curious about purchasing property in Mexico, join Timothy Real Estate Group's Taniel Chemsian and Modern Aging's Risa Morimoto for the FREE Dream Retirement in Mexico webinar on December 9, 12 or 14, 2021.

Mexico One of the World’s Most Extraordinary Countries

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