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Because Living Well is the Best Revenge

What better place to begin, continue or enhance your well being than in beautiful Puerto Vallarta? Whether you are here on vacation or here to stay, the many health and beauty services available in Puerto Vallarta will keep you feeling fit and looking absolutely marvelous.

As with any international travel destination, Puerto Vallarta offers an unsurpassed menu of beauty treatments and medical services that will keep you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and revived. In addition to the availability of the latest techniques and technologies, the costs of these services are dramatically less expensive than in the States.

Bilingual medical, dental, chiropractic, and physical therapy services, as well as modern hospitals with high-tech equipment and fully accredited physicians, assure that patients can expect the same quality of health care in Puerto Vallarta as they would receive in the US – and prescription drugs are readily available, and at reasonable prices!

Puerto Vallarta is also home to dozens of gyms, spas and fitness centers that offer day packages, vacation packages and even full memberships for those of us who live here year-round. Local beauticians know all the latest hairstyles, coloring, skin and nail care techniques – and these beauty treatments cost about a third of what it would cost at home.

Vacation surgery is gaining popularity, and since most of these procedures are relatively quick, it’s easy to take home not only a tan but a little tucking as well. Liposuction, tummy tucks and other ‘remedial measures’ cost less than half what they do up North, yet they’re staffed by highly trained and board certified professionals.

Puerto Vallarta has a competent, confident and cutting-edge medical community. And since prominent hospitals, world-class gyms and spas, and well-known beauty salons continue to be attracted here, it’s easy and affordable to pamper yourself with professional health and beauty treatments that’ll leave you looking, and feeling, like a million bucks.


Vallarta Gay Clinic’s IMPULSE Health & Fitness Program

Coinciding with Pride Month, the Vallarta Gay Clinic introduces 'IMPULSE for a Conscious Wellness Lifestyle,' a new health and fitness program that's designed to help individuals, regardless of their current fitness level, develop long-term healthy habits.

Jalisco Court Paves Way for Abortion Decriminalization

A court ruling in Guadalajara, Jalisco has opened the door for the state to become the 13th in Mexico to decriminalize abortion. The decision follows the Mexican Supreme Court's landmark September 2021 ruling that declared criminal codes prohibiting abortion unconstitutional. The state Congress must now act to repeal the relevant legislation.

Puerto Vallarta to Host Functional & Integrative Medicine Congress

Puerto Vallarta will host top medical specialists, like Dr. Alan Christianson (endocrinology) & Dr. Gustavo Orozco (cardiology), as national and international experts gather to discuss advancements in hormonal restoration, epigenetics & more, during the Functional & Integrative Medicine Congress from May 3-5.

New Vaccine Could End the Increase in Dengue Cases in Mexico

With Dengue cases on the rise in Mexico, the potential of a new vaccine – Butantan-DV - offers hope, considering the 368% increase in infections in February. This Brazilian-developed, single-dose vaccine demonstrated promising preliminary results in a Phase 3 trial involving participants aged 2 to 59.

Spring Breathwork Workshop & Lunch at Vallarta Botanical Garden

Candice Bernes, Unified Mindfulness teacher and breathwork practitioner from Ottawa, Canada, will present her internationally-acclaimed breathwork workshop from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm on Friday, March 22 and again on Sunday, March 24, 2024 at the Vallarta Botanical Garden.

Enrique Alfaro Announces Creation of Jalisco Health Insurance

On February 27, Enrique Alfaro, Governor of Jalisco, introduced a groundbreaking health initiative: Jalisco Health Insurance. Aimed at covering 2.3 million of the State's uninsured individuals, this program promises accessible medical care through credentialing and streamlined records.

Jalisco Administers Free Spikevax Vaccines to the Vulnerable

On Tuesday morning, Jalisco received its initial batch of 10,000 Spikevax vaccines against COVID-19 from Laboratorios Moderna. The vaccines, acquired through state resources, are to be administered free of charge to vulnerable groups without social security across all regions of the state.

Jalisco to Vaccinate the Vulnerable with Moderna’s COVID Booster

Jalisco Governor Enrique Alfaro Ramírez announced on Friday, January 5 the acquisition of 50,000 Moderna vaccines, becoming the first state in Mexico to prioritize the WHO-approved Spikevax booster for vulnerable populations. COVID-19 vaccinations begin January 16th and will be administered through state health services.

New Non-Profit PrEP Clinic to Open in Puerto Vallarta

Due to the recent reported closure of Puerto Vallarta's SETAC LGBT Wellness Center, a group of business leaders, with the support of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS have formed a committee to continue the distribution of PrEP medicine with a fast, accessible and transparent community based approach.

Embrace the Detour: 2024 Resolutions Take a Scenic Route

Instead of navigating the treacherous path of a self-improvement marathon, 2024 encourages individuals to grab their maps, embrace detours, and enjoy the ride. Whether it's learning to juggle, volunteering at a dog shelter, or dancing in the rain, the key is to find what sparks joy and fuels the spirit.