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Curious about some of the people around here? That wouldn’t be surprising; we’re certainly an eclectic lot. Have you heard that oft repeated saying about gringos? Something about us being here because we’re all wanted back home…

Well, that theory has proven true for a few, but overall this area is an intriguing melting pot of interesting people in their own right. As far as expats, we’ve got retired financially-set IBM executives, just-gettin’-by boomers who say they’re here for a reason but they’ve no idea what it is, seniors looking to stretch their pensions, entrepreneurs who blossom in this environment, and a diversity of others.

And in our pages we’ll tell you about them. Who’s who, who owns what, who does what, why and how they do it. Get the lowdown on your favorite restaurant owner and wow him with insider info on your next visit!

Our most recent profiles include…..

Cultural tour guide, photographer and author, Sandra Cesca, who uses her experiences and educational M.Ed. background to help visitors learn more about Puerto Vallarta and the Mexican culture, through educational and entertaining walking tours.

Ordained Interfaith Chaplain, Lynn Rogers, who has explored the many ways we navigate life’s journey and how we celebrate the milestones, and can help you plan a personal ceremony to honor any significant life passage or transition – from weddings and life celebrations to milestone birthdays, divorce or retirement rituals.

Meet Dr. Leslie Korn, a researcher, educator and clinician-healer who has been conducting research in Bahía de Banderas and Cabo Corrientes since 1973.

Food, wine & travel writer, Ed Schwartz, is a Mexico-phile from way back who divides his time between his homes in Sayulita, Mexico and in Inverness, West Marin, California.

Jim Scherrer, a Houston entrepreneur who retired to Vallarta ten years ago, shares his experiences with other baby boomers who are considering Retirement in Mexico.

Writer, Gil Gevins, who is “Jalisco’s Funniest Human Being” and a twenty-five year Puerto Vallarta resident.

Allan Wall, who recently moved back to the U.S. after living in Mexico for a decade and a half, continues writing articles about various aspects of Mexico and Mexican society.

Domenico Maceri, while not a Puerto Vallarta resident, Domenico Maceri is a professor of Romance languages at Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria California, who’s understanding of languages and cultures has made him one of our readers’ favorite columnists.

If you have a suggestion for a future profile, email us at profiles@BanderasNews.com

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