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Why 2022 is Your Year for Puerto Vallarta Real Estate

The beginning of a new year is always a time for resolutions, and if you’ve promised to put extra attention to your real estate portfolio in 2022, you’re on the right track. The real estate market has been booming throughout North America, but in Puerto Vallarta in particular, home sales have been extraordinary.

Tropicasa’s January 2022 Hot Property in Puerto Vallarta

Tropicasa Realty presents Altazor 101, this month's Hot Property. This 1 bed, 2 bath condo is quiet and spacious. It has a Murphy bed built into the living room cabinetry, a large kitchen with separate pantry/utility room, and a large terrace that runs the width of the condominium.

Mexico’s El Aguinaldo: The Christmas Bonus Explained

Now that the holiday season has arrived, it is a good time to discuss 'El Aguinaldo,' the Mexican Christmas bonus due to all employees, including the domestic staff that help make life so easy and convenient for many of us who live here in Puerto Vallarta. And, under Mexican law, all employees are entitled to a Christmas bonus.

Unexpected Winter Fun Comes to Puerto Vallarta’s Puerto Mágico

A fun, new family-friendly activity has come to Puerto Vallarta just in time for the winter holiday season. With a lavish opening weekend that included a gala inauguration dinner and professional show and a free family event attended by Santa Claus himself, Puerto Mágico unveiled its newest attraction: an open-air skating rink.

Tropicasa Realty: December Hot Property in Puerto Vallarta

Tropicasa Realty presents Casa Luna Del Sendero, this month's Hot Property in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. For those potential home buyers who are always asking for the elusive ground floor bedroom, this house has one full bedroom and bathroom on the main level, hard to find but here it is.

Popular YouTubers Share Their Puerto Vallarta Buying Experience

Stefan and Ada, whose popular YouTube channel, 'Living Simply in Mexico' has over 3300 subscribers tuning in to see their latest updates, just posted their latest video about closing on their Puerto Vallarta home. It’s an enlightening and entertaining overview of the real estate purchase process in Mexico.

The Creatures You’ll Meet in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

If you’ve bought a new home in Vallarta, you’re going to meet some new neighbors, and we don’t just mean people. Life in the tropics comes with all sorts of creatures that like to drop by! Most are welcome visitors, but like anywhere, there are a few unsavory characters.

Where Travel Trends Will Head in 2022 and Beyond

After 2019 ground the world to a halt, the travel industry slowly began to recover in late 2020. Now, the 2021 tourism season in Puerto Vallarta is already booming. But the past year and a half has made significant changes on how travelers prefer to vacation.

Tropicasa Realty: November Hot Property in Puerto Vallarta

Tropicasa Realty presents Villa Paraiso Azul, this month's Hot Property in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Stepping into this traditional Hacienda-style home is like stepping in to the page of a travel magazine, truly magical. And, with 2 bedrooms, 3 baths and outdoor living spaces, it is perfect fro entertaining friends & family.

Investing in Puerto Vallarta has Never Looked Better

The market continues to boom in Puerto Vallarta, with buyers from across North America clamoring to make an investment into local real estate and lifestyle. Just how hot is the market? The supply for condos cannot keep up with the demand! Tropicasa Realty tells us why PV is such a hot destination for real estate investment.