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Río Los Horcones Canyon an Essential Tourism Asset for Puerto Vallarta

We have entered an era where manmade climate change isn't just recognized by people living near melting glaciers; we're starting to see it here in Puerto Vallarta too, with extreme weather events like record-breaking rainfall and flooding, and stronger, more destructive hurricanes like Nora.

Kilometer 5: Killer Views, Great Burgers … and Pizza?

Sayulita, Mexico - Charles Lamb, (1775-1834), the English essayist, wrote "Dissertation on a Roast Pig," so I am turning my culinary and literary thoughts...

Puerto Vallarta Natural Beauty at Risk

Puerto Vallarta is blessed with natural beauty that attracts millions of tourists annually. Sadly, it is rapidly being lost to unchecked development, portending a future that looks anything but sustainable in the long term. Protecting PV's natural tourism treasures must be top priority.

Indigenous Mexicans Survive COVID 19

The Zapotec are drawing on the age-old traditions of cooperation, self-reliance and isolation to survive the pandemic. So far, it's working. While COVID-19 continues to spread across Mexico, many Indigenous communities in Oaxaca remain largely insulated from the coronavirus.

Roberts DACA Decision Betrays Trump

'Repealing DACA is arbitrary and capricious.' That's how U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts explained the 5 to 4 decision to block Donald Trump from eliminating the program, which benefits 'dreamers,' young people brought to America by their parents without legal authorization.

COVID-19 Fever Screening

Andrea Fuller and Duncan Mitchell explain why fever screening is unlikely to reduce the spread of the virus. Their arguments are based on an understanding of the physiology of fever, body temperature measurement, and fever prevalence in people who transmit COVID-19.

The Way Forward After COVID 19

The road ahead of COVID-19 will not be easy, but it can be a gateway for change that allows us to shape the future. With the right mix of economic policies and stimulus, investments in healthcare & social protections, we can move to recovery pathways that lead to a sustainable future.

Coronavirus 10 Reasons Why Not to Panic

Regardless of whether we classify the coronavirus as a pandemic, it is a serious issue. What we certainly have is a pandemic of fear. The media is gripped by coronavirus. It's right that there's deep concern and mass planning for worst-case scenarios. But it's also right that we must not panic.

Op-Ed Is Social Media Truly Social

As with everything else, social media brings both good and bad things into our lives. It can change people's perception of the world and themselves, and not always for the better. What many don't know is that, at least in Mexico, false posts can lead to civil, or even criminal, charges.

OpEd Suzy Chaffee Record Rains PV

On September 28, 2019 our wonderful Aztec group, led by Itzcax and Mayahuel, performed an Oceandance ceremony next to Puerto Vallarta's Hotel Rosita. It was to give Mother Earth appreciation for balancing our weather, as illustrated by some surprising headlines.