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Jalisco 5 Day Voluntary Quarantine

To curb COVID-19 contagion, Jalisco Governor Enrique Alfaro Ramírez is asking everyone to not leave their homes until next Wednesday. Projections show a significant increase in infections over the next 5 days and by staying home we can avoid a more serious outbreak, he said.

US Global Travel Advisory Mexico

The global public health threat posed by COVID-19 is high, with 191,127 confirmed cases worldwide as of March 18. On March 19, the US State Department issued a Level 4 Health Advisory, advising against all international travel. Here, we include country-specific information for Mexico.

Jalisco to Support Small Businesses

Foreseeing the effects that the Coronavirus pandemic will have on the well-being of the state's most vulnerable communities and families, the Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, is working on a historic program of economic support for micro and small businesses.

Grupo Bimbo goes Electric in Mexico City

Making progress towards using only clean energy from renewable sources, Mexico City-based Grupo Bimbo has added 100 electrically powered delivery trucks to its fleet of eco-friendly vehicles, and plans to add another 4,000 over the next four years.

Walmart Mexico New Distribution Center

Walmart de Mexico recently opened a $27 million distribution center in Tepotzotlán, a town just north of Mexico City. Company officials said the new 646,000 square-foot center strengthens its logistics network across Mexico, and will employ 350 people.

Mexico Celebrates Benito Juarez March 16

Despite President Andrés Manuel López Obrador's proposal to eliminate long holiday weekends, today is a National Holiday, with banks, government offices and many businesses closed as Mexico celebrates former President Benito Juárez, who served five terms between 1858-1872.

Mexico Monarch Population Drops

The number of monarch butterflies that showed up at their winter resting grounds decreased about 53% this year, Mexican officials said Friday. The Mexico head of the World Wildlife Fund said the reduction 'is not alarming' because last year's large numbers were 'atypical.'

Nestle Mexico Reforestation Project

Nestle SA is launching a reforestation project to plant at least 3 million trees in Mexico and Brazil in the next year and a half as the Swiss food group strives for carbon neutrality by 2050. At a cost of $1-$15 per tree, the first phase could cost as much as $45 million for planting alone.

Mexico Junk Food Label Law Advances

Mexican consumers will soon be confronted with warning labels on food and beverages that contain too much sugar, fat or calories, as changes to the country's health regulations aimed at reducing the country's obesity and diabetes epidemics advance towards finalization.

Mercado Libre to Invest 420M in Mexico

Latin American e-commerce giant Mercado Libre will invest $420 million in Mexico in 2020 in an effort to gain a larger slice of the country's lucrative online retailing market. The online retailer has invested more than $1 billion in Mexico since 2017.
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