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Cremation Threatens Day of the Dead Traditions

Mexico City is rapidly running out of gravesites. Many residents are forced to exhume the remains of their loved ones once the burial rights expire, to make room for new bodies. Critics say this threatens the long and rich traditions of burying and celebrating the dead.

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PV Happenings & Spooktacular Events

A look at some of this week's Puerto Vallarta news headlines & important community announcements, plus a couple of 'spooktacular' weekend events.


Puerto Vallarta OTFM-TC is Ba-ack!

This Saturday Lazaro Cárdenas Park will be filled with live music, farm-fresh produce and artisan goods as Puerto Vallarta's OTFM-TC kicks off Season 6.


No Way José! Season 6 Kick-Off Party

No Way José! will be celebrating El Día de Los Muertos and the re-opening of the upstairs terrace on Sunday, November 2 with a classic NWJ! fiesta.

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