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Mexico Circuses & Animal Rights Activists Spat

Mexico's 'circus wars' are heating up, with a growing movement to ban circus animals meeting rising anger from circus workers. There have been mutual accusations of illegal acts, including a giraffe set loose to gallop through a suburb of the city of Monterrey.

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Speeding Up Trains Deters Immigrants

Mexico's FCCM plans to boost train speed and security in an effort to deter immigrants from illegally boarding their freight trains to reach the United States.


Five Easy Sun Care Tips from R Salon

Put your health first and protect your skin from the Vallarta sun, both outdoors and indoors, with these five sun safety tips provided by R Salon.


Clown Meeting Coming to Vallarta

From May 18-21, Puerto Vallarta will host the 2015 International Meeting of Clowns, organized by the Mexican Association of Clowns Without Borders.

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