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Alfaro Announces Costalgre Airport will be an International Hub

Tomatlán, Jalisco, Mexico – Governor Enrique Alfaro Ramírez has revealed a significant shift in plans for the Costalgre airport project in Tomatlán. The governor announced that the federal government will now take charge of the airport’s administration, aiming to transform it into an international hub.

Situated strategically between Careyes and Punta Perula, the Chalacatepec airport was designed to complement various upcoming projects and stimulate further tourism investment in the region. Notably, the construction of the airport became crucial for the initiation of the Cheval Blanc hotel, villa, and golf course complex in Chamela by the French company Luis Vuitton. The initial investment in the project, estimated at around $150 million, is well underway, with the first stage expected to be completed in two years.

Other projects, such as the Four Seasons Tamarindo and the One&Only development with 75 private villas, are also in the pipeline, making the region a hotspot for potential tourism growth.

Despite the completion of the Costalgre airport exceeding the initial budget by 52.99 percent, reaching a total cost of 94,854,609 pesos, Governor Alfaro remains optimistic about its future. Transparency data from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works (Siop) indicates substantial investments in 2022 and 2023 for the airport’s comprehensive development, covering infrastructure, services, and access routes.

Governor Alfaro, while visiting Puerto Vallarta for hurricane relief efforts, shared the pivotal decision to transition the airport into an international hub under federal management. The federal government will now handle the concession assignment process, a departure from the initial plan for the airport’s operation in Chalacatepec.

“We want it as an international airport,” declared Governor Alfaro, expressing confidence in the airport’s readiness. He emphasized its potential to facilitate both national and international flights, playing a crucial role in elevating tourism in the Costa Alegre region of Jalisco. The governor anticipates that, by mid-next year, the federal government, in collaboration with airport groups, will successfully steer the Costalgre airport into a new era.

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