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Alfaro Inaugurate 30 MDP Reconstruction of La Rivera Street

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico – During last Friday’s visit to Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Governor Enrique Alfaro inaugurated the newly reconstructed La Rivera Street, which was totally destroyed by Hurricane Nora and left several significant neighborhoods and towns inaccessible for quite some time.

As part of its work tour on the coast of the State, the Secretariat of Infrastructure and Public Works (SIOP) carried out the project to transform the road and reinforce the perimeter wall using hydraulic concrete, and to add public lighting powered by solar cells.

La Rivera Street is an important route, since it provides a direct connection to neighborhoods such as Buenos Aires, El Jorullo, as well as the town of Cuale and the municipality of Mascota. The work will benefit hundreds of motorists who travel daily along this road, which is now safer due to the type of work and the materials with which it was rebuilt.

“We have come to open traffic and deliver this road that was rebuilt after the impact that the hurricane had last year in this region of Jalisco, a difficult moment… to be able to face the challenges caused by climate change is without a doubt a difficult situation for all levels of government. When I came to [Puerto Vallarta to] deliver the Cuale River work, next to the market, everyone said it should be easy to fix a street that was swept away by a hurricane, but this work alone cost 30 million pesos because they had to build a foundation and a very large retaining wall to guarantees safety,” he explained.

The head of the SIOP, David Zamora Bueno, said that a retaining wall of 5,500 cubic meters of concrete had to be built to give the road works greater resistance in complex climatic situations.

Subsequently, Enrique Alfaro supervised the progress of the road works on highway 514 in Conchas Chinas, where 29.5 million pesos is being invested for its reconstruction, contemplating surface patching, re-levelling, milling, and the placement of a new asphalt layer and horizontal and vertical signage.

This highway connects with the southern hotel zone of Puerto Vallarta, and with beaches such as Mismaloya. However, it was announced that there will be an additional 20 million in funding to reach Boca de Tomatlán. This last section is under municipal jurisdiction, and the State will lend support with the objective of improving the most important roads of the municipality.

Source: Contra Línea

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