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Banamex Separates from Citigroup, Becoming Independent Bank

Mexico City, Mexico – In a major development for the Mexican financial landscape, the National Bank of Mexico (Banamex) has officially ended its partnership with Citigroup, dissolving a partnership established in 2001.

This strategic shift, which has been in progress for a couple of years, will see Banamex operate as an independent, diversified financial institution. The bank assures its customers that the transition will be as smooth as possible, with no immediate changes to account access, debit and credit card functionality, or branch and online banking operations. Customers can continue using their cards for domestic and international transactions.

The separation empowers Banamex to tailor its offerings to better serve the Mexican market. The bank intends to expand its product and service portfolio while investing in technological advancements to bolster its digital presence and stay competitive.

Citigroup, on the other hand, will continue to operate in Mexico but will shift its focus to institutional banking. It will offer services to companies, investors, and other businesses and has plans to expand its presence in the Mexican market in the coming years.

In essence, the separation of Banamex and Citigroup signifies a significant restructuring within the Mexican financial sector. However, for Banamex’s current clientele, the transition should be seamless, with continued access to existing services.

Clients are encouraged to follow Banamex’s official channels for further updates regarding the separation and its long-term implications.

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