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Buying a Home in Mexico: When The Honeymoon Phase is Over

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – The excitement of searching for a home in Puerto Vallarta is thrilling. Pondering a myriad of listings, zooming all over town for showings, going through the painstaking pile of paperwork, then you get to sign the deal and deposit the money. You’ve crossed the threshold at your new place and now what?

Setting up a household in Mexico can be daunting, especially if you are unfamiliar with the city and don’t speak Spanish. This is when Richardson’s Property Management can step in. Richardson’s team works with owners tackling the sometimes difficult and challenging process to personalize their new home in a foreign country. They help clients get their bearings, take care of all the tasks and mundane chores to be sure the property gets and remains in great shape, whether owners decide to rent or not.

The team has over 60 years of guest service experience and over 15 years of facility and structure management, with a focus on personal attention to owners and guests. They have an unmatched level of customer service so that needs are heard and met.

Richardson’s Property Management has a team of experienced, reliable contractors and workers for the everyday tasks, including housekeeping services, repairs and renovations, along with horticulturists/gardeners, pool and spa maintenance, along with accountants, lawyers and more. All have been vetted for quality of work, competency, security and fairness in pricing via current and previous clients, industry professionals and government agencies. Numerous standards and qualifications must be met before they are certified to provide services to Richardson’s clients. They focus on minimizing costs, yet maximizing a positive impact on the home.

Richardson’s Property Management will remain a boutique firm so they limit the number of clients they serve. Yes, you can be too big. This boutique agency has a great approach to managing all client needs, whether it’s the owner or rental clients.

They are consistently rated as an Expedia premier partner and Airbnb super host and have an extensive VIP family of guests with more requests for bookings than properties available.

The company owner writes every contract, constructs every spreadsheet and puts together every piece of training material they use. This ensures the clients, guests and staff, such as housekeeping, have clear and concise expectations, so you can feel comfortable and confident. It’s the team management that delivers.

Richardson’s has never promised anything to a single client that was not 100 percent deliverable and could be delivered well. There are things they may not be sure of, but they are open and honest about the possibilities of success, as well as failure. This prevents talking big and failing to meet expectations. It instead provides the ability to always deliver and often pleasantly surprise those they work with.

This is summed up in their business motto: We Always Deliver More, Never Accept Less

For more information and/or to set up a meeting to discuss how they may help you keep the vacation in your vacation, rental, or full time home here in Puerto Vallarta, please email them at relax(at)rpmagc.com. A complete list of services can be found HERE.

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