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Mexico to Vote on Marijuana Legalization

Mexico's Senate will vote on a bill that will fully legalize marijuana by the end of the month, Senator Ricardo Monreal said in an interview on Monday. He added that, if approved by the Senate and passed by the lower house, the bill would be enacted without delay.

Mexico Clocks Fall Back October 27

If you are traveling to Mexico at the end of this month, you will literally be going back in time. That's right, Daylight Saving Time 2019 officially ends for most of Mexico at 2 am on Sunday, Oct. 27, while US citizens will not set their clocks back until 2 am on Sunday, Nov. 3.

Mexico City Elevated Trolleybus

Mexico City will invest almost 4 billion pesos in an elevated trolleybus that will connect the Metro stops of Constitución de 1917 on Line 8 and Santa Marta on Line A. The new bus line will benefit around 160,000 people in Iztapalapa and nearby municipalities who work in central Mexico City.

Cubico Renewable Energy Projects Mexico

Cubico Sustainable Investments, a global investor in renewable energy backed by two of Canada's largest pension funds, recently announced that one wind park and one solar farm, with a combined capacity of 600 MW, have become operational in Mexico.

Ameca Jalisco South Lake Tahoe Sister Cities

Since many South Lake Tahoe, California residents have a relationship with the community of Ameca, Jalisco, they will soon become Sister Cities. Initiated in 1956 by US President Dwight D. Eisenhower, the program promotes friendship and understanding between people around the world.

Say Adios to Your Wallet with CoDi

Say goodbye to your wallet! Now you can make purchases from your cell phone with the help of CoDi. Officially launched last week by the Bank of Mexico, the Digital Collections platform (CoDi), offers a secure, fast and efficient means of payment and purchase through mobile devices.

Berry People Makes New Deals in Mexico

Berry People has announced new berry sourcing deals in Mexico to fill supply gaps in the North American market during the fall and winter. New supplies include organic blueberries from Jalisco and conventional strawberries from Guanajuato and Michoacán.

Lung Cancer Experts Meet Mexico City

Lung cancer experts from several Latin American countries will gather in Mexico City from October 17 to 19 to address this growing public health challenge, and create plans to decrease the rate of lung cancer growth, at the 2019 Latin American Conference on Lung Cancer.

Calgary Man Wheelchair Trek to Mexico

Warren Schlosser, nicknamed 'Wheelchair Warren,' is traveling from Calgary to Mazatlán, Mexico in his manually propelled wheelchair. He is raising awareness for people with disabilities and raising funds for a variety of charities that hold a special meaning to him.

Satellite Internet Coming to Mexico

Hughes Network Systems will launch its satellite-based broadband service in Mexico on October 1. With the launch of HughesNet service in Mexico, approximately 95 percent of the population will have access to Internet service - even in rural areas.
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