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Satellite Internet Coming to Mexico

Hughes Network Systems will launch its satellite-based broadband service in Mexico on October 1. With the launch of HughesNet service in Mexico, approximately 95 percent of the population will have access to Internet service - even in rural areas.

Skybridge to Facilitate US-Mexico Shipping

When Mexican residents order merchandise from a US company, they traditionally face weeklong waits for customs to clear the package. That is about to change as an Arizona airport becomes the first in the United States to pre-clear items shipped to anywhere in Mexico.

Paco Ojeda Recycled Cans Pay Netflix Bill

Herdez - a Mexico-based, multinational, food and beverage company best known for its line of canned vegetables - has launched an environmentally-friendly initiative through which you can pay your Netflix bill and obtain e-money refunds by recycling their product cans.

8019 Jobs Created in Jalisco August

Jalisco drove national employment growth in August, creating 21.9% of all new jobs across the country. Official statistics show that the Mexican economy added 36,631 new jobs last month and 8,019 of those were created in the western state.

Apple to Open Second Store in Mexico

Apple is putting the finishing touches on its second store in Mexico, and it is scheduled to open on September 27. The flagship store will be an outdoor pavilion at the Antara Fashion Mall, a popular shopping center in the Polanco district of Mexico City.

El Grito Mexicos Cry of Independence

Today, September 16th, marks Mexico's 209th Independence Day. The annual celebrations always begin on September 15th at 11:00 pm with the traditional 'El Grito de la Independencia' observance - but do you know the story behind Mexico's Cry of Independence?

Mexican Inventions That Changed the World

You might not view Mexico as a technological power, but the inventiveness and resourcefulness of the Mexican people have led to some impressive feats. Here are seven inventions that not only had an impact on the Americas, but would go on to change the world.
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