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Jalisco Impounds Two Bengal Tigers

Jalisco, Mexico – After a video showing a man trying to lasso a Bengal tiger on the streets of Guadalajara was published on social networks last week, the Federal Attorney of Mexico’s environmental protection agency, Profepa, began an investigation that ended with the seizure of two specimens.

At first, no one knew where the tiger came from or who owned it but, after the owner of the cat was identified, staff from the Jalisco delegation of Profepa went to a farm in the Municipality of Tlaquepaque, where they discovered a confinement area that housed two Bengal tigers, one female and one male, both in apparent good physical condition and with no obvious signs of abuse.

The agency indicated that the owner presented authorized documentation for the possession of the 2 tigers, which revealed that the male is aged 10 months and the female two years, 9 months.

However, both tigers were confiscated as the owner did not have the corresponding registry or the authorized management plan from the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), where the specifications of the facilities that guarantee the safety of both the specimens and the civilian population, among other specific handling situations that this type of animal must have.

For this reason, the precautionary impoundment of the two tigers was imposed until the owner complies with the measures that will be ordered by Profepa.

Source: gob.mx

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