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Contemporary Art Meets Animal Rescue in Feb 16 Exhibition at OPC

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Save the date, art enthusiasts and animal lovers! On Friday, February 16, Puerto Vallarta’s Oficina de Proyectos Culturales (OPC) will showcase two captivating exhibitions, “Los Doscientos” and “Monster for Animals,” curated by the esteemed Rafael Doctor Roncero. Having made their debut in Spain and Costa Rica, these exhibitions promise a unique blend of contemporary art and a noble cause.

The “Los Doscientos” press, known for its dedication to contemporary art and photography, takes center stage with a mission to redefine the art-collecting experience. Each publication released by the press is a limited edition, consisting of just 200 copies, and includes an original artwork. This exclusive approach aims to provide the public with a distinct model of collecting that goes beyond the conventional art scene.

Adding a philanthropic touch to the event is “Monster for Animals” (monstersforanimals.com), a transformative project where images from the annals of photography and contemporary art undergo interventions to create new works.

These unique pieces are then exchanged for donations, with the proceeds going towards supporting animal shelters, rescue organizations, and sanctuaries. In this edition, the benefactors are The Sula Society and Friends of Puerto Vallarta Animals.

By attending this one-of-a-kind exhibition, patrons not only immerse themselves in the world of contemporary art but also contribute to the welfare of animals in need. Mark your calendars for Friday, February 16, as Puerto Vallarta becomes the nexus of creativity and compassion. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this impactful intersection between art and animal rescue!

Located at Juarez #598 at the corner of Aldama in downtown Puerto Vallarta, the Oficina de Proyectos Culturales (Office for Cultural Projects, or OPC) is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting dialogue through exhibitions, roundtable discussions, public art, and arts education programs. OPC collaborates with artists, architects, curators, academics, and writers who generate ideas that shape our understanding of the city and a cultural landscape connected to Puerto Vallarta but with a global reach. It was established with the intention of contributing to the reflection on the contemporary socio-cultural and artistic environment, and with the mission of sharing with Puerto Vallarta and its visitors.

For more information visit their website or Facebook page.

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