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Enrique Alfaro Presents the Jalisco Employability System

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico – The state of Jalisco has launched a new Employability System, a public policy initiative designed to tackle the evolving job market and enhance the employability of its workforce. This collaborative effort between government, academia, and the private sector aims to solidify Jalisco’s position as a leader in job creation, both nationally and regionally.

The system addresses a critical challenge: a significant portion of Jalisco’s working-age population (1.8 million) lacks the specific skills demanded by businesses today. The pandemic has further complicated matters, with younger job seekers prioritizing factors like salary, work environment, and growth opportunities. Companies, on the other hand, report difficulty filling vacancies due to a mismatch between applicant profiles and the required skill sets.

The Jalisco Employability System is a multi-pronged approach designed to bridge this gap. The system focuses on practical development, providing job seekers with training programs and resources to enhance their practical skills and meet employer needs.

It also prioritizes analysis and intelligence, collecting and analyzing data to identify labor market trends and emerging skill gaps. By investing in educational programs and initiatives, the system aims to cultivate a robust talent pipeline that aligns with the evolving job market. Finally, the system facilitates connections between qualified job seekers and employers through job boards and targeted programs.

Early results are promising. The system has facilitated over 6,000 job placements in just six months across various sectors, including partnerships with major companies like Intel and Sigma. Additionally, the system has fostered the development of inclusive employment programs targeting individuals with disabilities.

Looking ahead, the long-term goal of the Jalisco Employability System is to position the state as a national leader in job creation and a hub for attracting talent in the digital technology and green investment sectors. This aligns with global trends highlighting the increasing demand for jobs in these areas.

The system will be overseen by an Interinstitutional Council tasked with evaluating progress, planning for the future, and implementing strategies to address the evolving needs of the job market. By fostering collaboration and investing in workforce development, Jalisco aims to create a sustainable and inclusive employment landscape for its citizens.

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