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Exciting Things Coming up in March at Entreamigos San Pancho

San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico – Entreamigos began in 2006 on a kitchen table in the middle of a San Pancho street. Today, housed in a giant warehouse recognized as a model sustainable facility, it is an active community center with classes and workshops, a scholarship program, a bilingual library for children and adults, a computer center, an extensive recycling program, a gift store and the Recicla thrift shop.

Here’s the latest news from Entreamigos:

More Garden Classes

Huge thanks to Marjolaine and the volunteers Ricardo and Devorah for their fun workshop “The Hidden Life of Insects.”

The children explored the garden with magnifying glasses looking for insects and learned how important they are for the healthy growth and the cycles of the garden. They also drew and built an “Insect Hotel.”

This workshop is the second in a series of environmental education workshops that will be taking place. Don’t miss the next one … “The Water Cycle.”

Thank you! Annual Children’s Art Festival

We continue to be so grateful for all of the support during the Children’s Art Festival and Fundraiser. The generosity of everyone blew us away. From the people who donated, to those who bid on items, to the vendors who provided yummy food… we are so appreciative of it all!

We still have a few amazing items left from the online auction that are available as a “Buy It Now” option. From art, to some amazing deals on house rentals, to babysitting hours…check out what we have left. Click on the button below to peruse what we have left! Buy it Now: Click HERE!

Artist Corner: Illuminations

The Show:
Illuminations…come take a journey through light on March 17th, 6:00-8:00 pm. This artist’s corner we invite you to connect with neighbors in a cozy tea salon bathed in the warm glow of collaborative light structures, fiber wall hangings, ceramic ramblings and structures all while drinking tea out of a one of a kind tea bowl created just for the night. 40% of the sales go directly to support Entreamigos!

The Artists:
Kelly and Deidre started out as neighbors. While sipping tea out of Kelly’s handmade cups they shared about their processes; personal, spiritual and creative. As their friendship deepened, it felt natural to collaborate and blend their two mediums (macrame and clay) with a focus on letting the light shine through, literally.

The Process:
Simplicity comes from years of stripping away the unnecessary to allow the light that has always been there to shine. Getting there involves tying and untying the knots within, expanding and growing, creating cracks and rips and tears and embracing and celebrating all the imperfections along the way. Trusting the process, letting IT show you the way, responding to the medium and releasing control. All the work presented is a form of creative meditation and exploration. Of allowing, releasing, exploding, breaking, unraveling, trusting and rebuilding.

Young Entrepreneurs

We are proud of the seventh anniversary of the Young Entrepreneurs program. The young entrepreneurs are high school and university students in the Entreamigos scholarship program. In the program they make natural skin care products such as creams, masks and scrubs.

The participants have learned to manage a business and their earnings help pay for their school and health expenses.

The program`s achievements include:
• 21 scholarship students participating over the course of the program
• 6 products for Entreamigos own brand “Esencia natural”
• 2 products for the Mexicolate store
• Product distribution in six stores including at Entreamigos store

The young entrepreneurs use a percentage of their profits for social contributions to the community to support health expenses such as physical and psychological therapies and donations for medicines.

Save The Date for the Environmental Fair!

We have BIG news for you! The VII Environmental Fair “Teach to Fly” is coming this March 29th at Plaza del Sol from 9 am to 2 pm. We will have workshops, activities, talks and much more. All invited, we are waiting for you!

If you have environmental projects and would like to participate, send your proposals to abraham(at)entreamigos.org.mx.

Support Entreamigos

If you would like support this important work, you can make a secure donation via credit card or PayPal, by clicking HERE.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of the children and families of San Pancho!

Located at Av. Tercer Mundo No. 12 in San Francisco, Nayarit, Mexico, Entreamigos is an active community center whose primary focus is to increase educational opportunities for the children of San Pancho. To achieve these goals Entreamigos runs an art collective non-profit store, a library, a computer center and a collection of educational and community based workshops and initiatives. Entreamigos is entirely funded by donations and almost completely run by volunteers. To learn more about our programs and activities please visit entreamigos.org.mx.

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