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Experience “La Bahía de mi Vida” at Puerto Vallarta Film Festival

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – The Juan Luis Cifuentes Lemus auditorium will present the documentary “La Bahía de mi Vida” on Saturday, June 15, as part of the 24th Puerto Vallarta International Film Festival. Directed by Mati Covarrubias, the film promises an emotional and inspiring experience for attendees.

In a recent interview, Covarrubias shared insights into her journey since the documentary’s debut. “The experience has been incredibly rewarding, with overwhelming support for our portrayal of the stunning beauty of Puerto Vallarta and the Bay of Banderas. The global shift towards nature conservation deeply resonates with what this place embodies, where we have the privilege of living and being born,” she said.

Covarrubias emphasized the central theme of the documentary: the connection between mother earth and human mother, highlighting the interdependence of life between them. This concept, she noted, forms the emotional core and philosophy of the film.

The documentary has gained attention not only locally but internationally. Covarrubias has been interviewed in Paris for Radio France, in Colombia for Canal 24, and there are plans for presentations at the Cali Festival and other international events. She has also been invited to meetings of women filmmakers in London & Cannes, where response has been very positive.

The international reach of “La Bahía de mi Vida” is notable, with the film being dubbed into multiple languages, including Portuguese, English, and Spanish. Covarrubias remarked on the film’s potential to reach diverse markets across Asia, Africa, Brazil, Canada, the United States, and Europe.

“La Bahía de mi Vida” is more than just a film – it’s a mission for Mati and her team. Despite numerous challenges, they have succeeded in delivering a polished and compelling version of the documentary, ready to touch hearts and inspire action to protect our natural world.

Residents and visitors of Vallarta are warmly invited to this free screening on Saturday, June 15 at 4:00 pm in the Juan Luis Cifuentes Lemus auditorium. Covarrubias concluded the interview with heartfelt thanks: “I am deeply grateful to everyone and hope they will join us. It truly is worth it.”

“La Bahía de mi Vida” is a powerful reminder of the breathtaking beauty and delicate fragility of our natural environment, and the urgent need to protect it. Don’t miss this extraordinary film that will leave you inspired and moved to make a difference!

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