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Get Your Doggie Fix: Take a Shelter Dog on a Field Trip

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Puppy Paradise is pleased to announce their new Field Trip program. Enjoy the natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta. Get your “dog fix,” and give a dog a break from the shelter all at the same time! Taking the dog out of the shelter and allowing him or her to have a fun day is incredibly beneficial to the dog’s mental health, it often helps the dog get adopted, and most importantly, we get to learn more about the dog’s true behavior.

WATCH THE VIDEO: Tail Wagging Field Trip Program


Register to schedule date & time, let our staff match you with an appropriate field trip friend or select one from Puppy Profiles or in person if you want to visit Puppy Paradise shelter. The easiest way is to have a happy dog delivered to you. Then off you go! Sign up and register. A donation is requested to help defer the cost of running the TAIL WAGGING field trip program and making sure all our amazing PUPPY PARADISE dogs have everything they need while waiting for their forever homes.

Days & Hours:
Delivery: 10:00 am
Return: To the place of delivery at 5:00 pm

Parque Lazaro Cardenas

Visit yvonnekafoundation.org for more information or to register for the field trip program.

For those who cannot participate, but wish to support the Yvonneka Foundation’s efforts to rescue Puerto Vallarta street dogs, please click HERE to donate.

Every dog deserves a forever home, a place of safety and affection. The Yvonneka Foundation stands as a beacon for this very cause. If you are looking for a four-legged addition to you family, click HERE to see the puppies that are up for adoption at Puppy Paradise.

The Yvonneka Foundation relies entirely on donations, of which 100% goes to the care of the animals, and your donation is entirely tax-deductible in the U.S. Your contribution will help provide the 24-hour staff and expenses of the Puerto Vallarta shelter, veterinary care, and the feeding of not only shelter animals, but also strays throughout town! And they also provide educational programs in schools on the importance of proper pet care. Learn more at YvonnekaFoundation.org.

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