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Healthcare Resources Puerto Vallarta August 2023 News

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – It is brutally hot this summer – but I think we are about half-way through it. It is VERY, VERY important to stay hydrated at this time. Dehydration causes some really strange symptoms including brain fog, dizziness, heart palpitations, nausea and vomiting and even seizures!

If you are not peeing regularly, you are not hydrating enough. Beer and wine do not count. Drink up folks.

If you would like to participate in any of the clinics below, please email me. Include your phone contact, which clinic and if you have a time request. Clinics are only cash unless otherwise noted.

August 15, 2023
GYN Clinic
Dra. Marcella Curiel
Pap smear-Pelvic & consult
Female GYN, bilingual
1,000 pesos cash or credit card (with credit card there will be a 3 percent charge).

August 17, 2023
Spine Clinic
Dr. Ricardo Martinez
500 pesos
Spine/Neck pain? This is a good time to have a consult with a specialist – with 50 percent discount. Discounts on X-rays prior.

August 17, 2023
Vascular Clinic
600 pesos, cash only
Dr. Hector Escoto
Poor blood flow, especially in the legs, can cause a lot of pain, sometimes even a clot. Varicose veins as well. Our vascular specialist will evaluate completely and make recommendations.

August 24, 2023
Men’s Urology Clinic
Dr. Jonathan Robles
500 pesos
Discounted price on PSA and Urinalysis

August 29, 2023
Eye Clinic
Dr. Rodrigo Gonzales
500 pesos
Complete eye exam, pressure test

August 30, 2023
Shoulder Clinic Dr. Joel Galindo
500 pesos
Do you have shoulder pain? Osteoarthritis? Can you not lift your arms above your head? If you have any of these, this is a good clinic for you. Our orthopedic that is doing the clinic specializes in shoulders. Xray (2 views) available with a discount to be done prior to the clinic.

Mammogram Clinic
August 31, 2023
2,300 pesos (cash or credit card)
3D Tomosynthesis machine, low-pressure, low radiation. Breast ultrasound is included if deemed necessary. Physical exam by oncologist.

The past few months we have seen a lot of people with anemia. Many do not even know that they have it and don’t attribute their symptoms to the anemia – or no symptoms at all. The lab study for this is a CBC – Complete Blood Count. Here it is called a BH – Biometrica Hematica. For the month of August, I have a special price for this of 170 pesos – with a special order by me and at a wide variety of locations. If your results are abnormal, I will review with a physician, send you his-her recommendations.

If you haven’t had a medical pedicure yet – you are missing out. Super clean, nice people with lots of experience. For the month of August, we are offering a 10 percent discount for a total of 369 pesos. Bargain for sure. These are done in Bucerias, CMQ Hospital on the south side and near Cheddraui, behind Telas Parasina across the street from Hospital Joya Marina. If you would like to participate, email please and include location, phone contact.


September is the month that is the hottest, the slowest and the month without clinics or speakers programs. That does not mean we are not available to assist with ANY of your healthcare needs.

For those preparing to return for the fall-winter months, PLEASE do not forget to make your health insurance plans. This must be done PRIOR to your arrival to Puerto Vallarta. Air evacuation policy? Traveler’s insurance? International? Mexican private? ANY questions at all, please send them on to me. I do not sell insurance BUT I do have a very good agent.

October will be here before we know it – which means our Breast Cancer Awareness Month including our Pink Cocktail at Hospital Joya Marina. It seems to get better each year and I couldn’t be prouder. It cannot be the success it is without your support. Save the date of October 6, 2023. I am beginning to prepare and I need to ask for some assistance.


  • Raffle prizes – anything from jewelry to clothing to a nice candle, lotion – anything new. Does not need to be expensive at all.
  • Donations of food – sweet such as cookies AND savory botanas. Approximately 24 pieces if possible.
  • Are you a rock painter? We need our pink rocks – with a breast cancer design, pink ribbon logo. I can send some samples of photos. One of our most popular items in October.

To assist in any of the above, THANK YOU and please send me an email.

Watch for our other October Breast Cancer Awareness events.

We continue to collect items for those in need in the area here. Gently used clothing, all sizes, gently used shoes, all sizes, newborn receiving blankets and onesies. Items for a bazaar sponsored by one of our nurses who offers a free clinic in Ixtapa. Medications – as long as they are not expired and unopened. I pretty much will take anything and find a source in need of it. Thank you.

As you might or might not have seen on my Facebook page, I am no longer at or with Clinic Sanmare. It was a great four years to get the clinic up and running and now it is time for them to find their own way. The past four years I have gone back and forth across the street between Sanmare and Hospital Joya Marina several times per day. Now I am back one hundred percent at Joya Marina and I could not be happier. That is my main focus now along with the many specialists that I work with. In reality, not a lot has changed as I am still doing the same as always – except crossing the street.

We continue with our very complete Men’s and Women’s check-ups. If you need a physical this is a great option. Email for details.

Diagnostic studies, lab studies, physician consults, MRI, X-ray, Ultrasounds and much more – if you need any of these I am happy to send the order. And sometimes with a good discount. It only takes an email request.

Let’s Talk – If you would like to schedule a face to face chat to discuss anything healthcare related, let’s schedule it. I can see people on the south side at our Joya Clinic on V. Carranza or at my office at Joya Marina Hospital. Sometimes it is easier to chat in person regarding things – I am not a big phone person.

We hope that if you are not in the area at this time, you are healthy and cool somewhere. If you are here in the area, we hope you have your own tricks to keep yourself semi-cool. Movie theaters are a great place to escape to for this. Some of the restaurants with air conditioning. The produce walk-in section at Costco. You get the idea.

Please do contact me for anything.
Thank you,
Pam Thompson

Created to assist you in a sensitively personalized and caring manner, HealthCare Resources Puerto Vallarta is committed to providing you with the most up-to-date health information and services. For more information, visit HealthCareResourcespv.com.

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